CDT Day 15 (NM – Doc’s to Pie Town)

CDT Day 15 (New Mexico) - "To Stay or Go, Say Yes or No?": Finally pulled myself away for a not so classic 3:47pm start. I left with a plan that involved seeing Gila Cliff Dwellings National Monument, taking the High Route (Orange line) for a bit, then the Little Bear Canyon Trail (Blue line), and camping near the bank of the Gila. Things didn't go as planned.


CDT 2022 "Transition": Yesterday, I began my travels to the CDT Southern Terminus. A process that when completed will take 2 flights, 2 bus rides, a van trip, a short backpack trompsing through the University of Arizona campus, a jaunt on a train, and lastly a shuttle ride over dirt roads that's expected to take 3-hours...

Heading West: The Second Leg

Heading West: The Second Leg - The drive from Chicago to Colorado was pretty uneventful, but I did experience my first on-the-road van sleep and got into some extremely cold temperatures. Ronnie Lynn gave me a scare, but she came through and was a true champion on the roads!

Van Build – Kreging the Jig

Van Build - Kreging the Jig: Things have gotten quite busy as of late, but with the help of my carpenter team, we made some serious progress this past weekend! We cut, glued, and screwed together (using my newly purchase Kreg Jig tool) lots and lots of pieces of pine to make a couch/pull-out slat bed and some cubbards/cabinets! Ronnie's looking good.

Van Build – Pergolicious

Van Build - Pergolicious: I've done OK with my board cuts and such up to this point, but turns out that glue doesn't really bond when it's freezing outside. The next morning, I discovered this while the boards fell apart easily and I got liquid glue all over the front of my puffy jacket...