CDT Day 135 (CO – G. Lake)


“Shadowcliff is now a haven and a place of spiritual renewal for the greatest variety of persons – a place to ‘recycle your spirit” – Patt and Warren Rempel (these seem to be the originators of the vision of this place)

I got to talk to a few folks back home via cellular communicatios during my zero day. That’s always nice. Just one of the many things involved in my personal renewal/recycling of the spirit that the Shadowcliff folks mentioned above.

When talking with my brother, he asked if it felt similar to when shooting to finish the PCT? I think I rambled off how the trail out here’s tougher on the CDT and all that, but later on I thought about it more. I think the bigger picture stuff certainly feels similar to what was before. The solitude. The individual challenge that I’m faced with. The day to day routine, pushing it, and all that. Plus, it’s getting cold. It’s the end of the season and I’m trying to sneak in a path to the complete this thing. So yeah, after some reflecting, a lot of this feels similar.

Today was amazing. I really didn’t do much. Got up and had coffee with volunteer Kerry down in the big wooden table dining room. There’s an amazing view right out of the wide windows there.

Larry, a treasurer or something for Shadowcliff eventually showed up and we chatted for a bit. I guess this place is undergoing a bit of a transition. They’re trying to figure out how best it can be used in the future, what that looks like, and all those sorts of “vision” and “mission” type questions. So, sounds like a lot of meetings and big time higher up folks are showing up to talk about that sort of thing. It was nice talking to Larry and understanding a little more about this place and it’s history.

After hanging for a few hours posting blog stuff and sipping coffee, I got things ready to go into town and do my resupply shopping. I went to both of the two little stores and while there, made a decision to change my plan for up ahead. I had originally wanted to go straight through to Breckenridge/Frisco area, like 5-6 days or something. But since these little Grand Lake stores weren’t stocked all that well and quite pricey, I figured I’d go 2 days or so and stop into Winter Park.

I got stuff for lunch and dinner so I didn’t have to walk back down to town. The rest of the day was hanging and doing some trail prep. stuff that often gets skipped during the quick in and out town stays. I chatted more with staff. They’re all super nice. A hiker showed up too, Felix. He’s southbound so I might see more of him, but he too planned to do the RMNP loop and will likely be a day or two behind at least for a bit.

It did rain some today, and got windy, but it wasn’t the torrential downpour that was forecasted. Either way, I was happy to be inside.

Mountain views from my bedroom…

And the evening view overlooking Grand Lake from the wrap around porch…

Shadowcliff was just what I needed. Rejuvenated. There’s that word again. Not sure if I mentioned this earlier, but as I neared Steamboat Springs a few days ago, after dealing with the rain and weather, I was considering bailing out and ending the hiking for this season. I’m happy I kept trekking. I’m happy I got to experience the high elevation backcountry of Rocky Mountain Park. And I’m motivated and excited for what’s ahead once again 🙂


One thought on “CDT Day 135 (CO – G. Lake)

  1. jimnewheights

    With your high altitude hiking in RMNP it looks like a different world. As you know your upcoming conquest of the highest elevation for the CDT is in your near future. Gray’s Peak looks like a technical trek with the ridge trail and rocky terrain. May you hike like a mountain goat and may your every step be solid.


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