CDT Day 142 (CO – Frisco to Leadville)

Resort and Ridge Hopping

  • CDT Miles: 1,216-1,197.7 (18.3)
  • Total Hiked: 2,406.4 miles
  • Elevation Range: 9,200-12,490

Rather than rush to get started hiking in the morning, I opted to enjoy some of the comforts the wonderful Fireside Inn has to offer. I was up early and meandered out to the living room/shared space. The coffee started brewing automatically at 6:45am and I was ready. Mainly worked on a few of these posts while catching snippets of Parks and Recreation. It had been playing nonstop episodes since I arrived. Nobody watching, just one episode after another. I had some breakfast things I’d bought last night too.

I shouldn’t say I wasn’t completely rushing. To get all the things I wanted to done before my 10am checkout, I had to get moving. The main task was going through my food and separating what I needed for this stretch vs. what I’d be shipping ahead to Lake City.

Then, I had to walk down to the post office and package it up. All went smoothly. I even shipped to the Mini Sawyer home too. It’s nice and all, and came through when I needed it, but now that I’ve tried both, full size Sawyer is the way to go.

Goodbye my lovely home for a night…

The bus goes every hour and I sort of just missed the 9:45am. After hanging at the bus stop for a while, I got on the next one, got dropped off where I got on yesterday and was ready to hike at 11am. Things kicked off with a nice bike path, just for a tad, then got on nice trail at Gold Hill Trailhead.

The general idea for today was to hike up to nearly 12,500 feet, pop over a ridge, then meander down to Copper Mountain Resort. I didn’t expect it to be super scenic. I guess I thought I’d just be hiking between towns, but I forgot these are Colorado towns and there are full on giant mountains in between. Pretty awesome I thought.

Lots of day hikers in the first mile or so because you get a nice view looking at Breckenridge and the Aspens. I was happy for the break. Took me a bit to get back into the swing of things.

There seems to have been a burn not too long ago with now some short regrowth. Makes for far viewing. Here’s scenes from the climb up to the ridge.

This got me up to a saddle, but then had another stretch up to the high point/ridge. I persevered and got a view down the other side at Copper Mountain Resort.

For a long ways, the trail traversed away and then cut back down to it. Almost faked me out.

A little different feel to it during the Fall than when i last visited Copper during SB2k8 with my college business haha.

Onward to camp to meet my goal for the day. The weather tomorrow is supposed to be dicey, so I wanted to get the high exposed stuff done before noon and I think I set myself up pretty good for that.

Wasn’t sure what this was, a rollercoaster on a ski mountain!? But looked fun and crazy dangerous to me…

Bye bye to Copper and the lovely hillside of yellow Aspens across from it.

6:38pm dropped my pack not so gently and immediately started setting up my tent. Got some sprinkles as I was attaching the rain fly. Was set up and organized by 6:55pm and the rain never really developed.

Went to nearby Guller Creek and filtered a liter in less than a minute. New Sawyers blow my mind. Filled up another liter of “dirty” water, then gathered stuff to eat dinner. Got dark pretty quickly. A few stars.

Album of the Day

“Dookie” – Green Day (1994)

Podcast of the Day

“S01 Episode 13: Adnan Is Out” – Serial


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