CDT Day 154 (CO – Creede to Cumbres Pass)

Last Time Setting Out and School

  • Creede Cutoff Alt.: 27-12.6 (14.4)
  • Total Hiked: 2,651 miles
  • Elevation Range: 8,585-11,440

I decided I’d take advantage of my hotel room and hang in the morning. I mean I paid for it, so might as well utilize the nice warm place while I can. I didn’t sleep in though sadly. Was up and doing stuff, planning, blog posting, those sorts of things. As much laying on the bed as I could til I had to get all packed up again.

Around 10:35am, I was finally ready to set out on my last stretch of the CDT! The Hulk was quite bulked out, filled with 5 days of food and all my warm gear and such. Pretty heavy. Coffee for the road walk out…

I was leaving the LAST great place apparently.

Not sure if I agree with the Creede folks there. Their town was lovely and all, but still feel there’s some other great places in the world. In fact, I hopped I’d see some of em later on today even.

I usually have a bit of transition time when hiking out of time where my mind is still reeling and not in hiking mode yet. This was certainly the case today. As I was walking out of Creede, detouring around road construction, I happened to check my email one last time and got a message that demanded my attention.

Sort of on a whim, but sort of planned, I applied to a job in Sequoia & Kings Canyon NP with the National Park Service last night. Turns out, there’s some additional questionnaires after the application gets sent in and so the email had links to those. I would’ve ignored it, but the deadline to submit is before I’ll get to the next town. First tried on my phone, but apparently that wasn’t compatible, so if I wanted to have any chance, I’d have to find a computer.

Give up I did not. Instead, looked to see if Creede had a library. Yep! And after calling I learned it was open, they had a laptop I could use, and it was located outside town on my route, sort of. So, off I went. It was asphalt road walking on a busy highway for a mile or so and then I cutoff to another road much less trafficked.

Turns out, the public library is in the local school. I got there and talked to the kind lady who’d chatted with me over the phone. She set me up and I was going.

Took longer than I expected, but got it done. After that little interruption, I was back on the trail! On the PCT, I learned my lesson that it doesn’t do me well to me dwell on things after trail like jobs too much. This though looked like an awesome gig and I wanted to at least give it a go. Don’t expect anything to come of it because my resume and stuff wasn’t super up to date, but you never know.

I still had some gravel road walk before reaching the Rio Grande River and then a bit further ahead, the Deep Creek Trailhead and the start of nice trail…

Things stayed gradual for a while and I was liking the walk adjacent to the creek.

Even so, I felt out of it mentally and my body felt out of it too. I wondered if my decisions and changes to not do the red line San Juans, if that in a way psyched myself out and got my head thinking this was already over. That I’d lost the momentum and desire/drive to keep pushing ahead.

As the day went on, I think I came to an understanding that it was more the fact of leaving town with a full pack and maybe some fatigue from pushing for so long and so continuously. I didn’t realize it initially, but the climb out of town today was nearly 3,000 feet of elevation gain too. So, yeah, I think it was just a slow tough start getting going and I’ll get moving again tomorrow.

Once I got up to the road and the high point for the today, it was nice.

I think it was around 6pm when I spotted a flat area that was further off the road than most spots I’d seen. I went for it and set up. Was really a pretty nice pine needley spot.

I enjoyed my ramen bomb. It’s what I have planned every night for this last stretch. Felt that was the best way to go out.

Check out my cozy socks!!!

I found these beauty slipper socks in one of the stores in Lake City with Mike and was super excited at the thought they’d bring me warm feet overnight 🙂

Album of the Day

“Caamp” by Caamp (2016)

Audiobook of the Day

Started listening to “Dune” by Frank Herbert

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