CDT Day 141 (CO – W. Park to Frisco)

By Your Powers Combined

  • CDT Miles: 1,240.1-1,216 (24.1)
  • Total Hiked: 2,388.1
  • Elevation Range: 9,200-13,035

I started out with my climb to Whale Peak that had caused me to stop the night before upon seeing it, quite tired and all that. Turns out, what I saw wasn’t even it, just a false summit. My morning legs were up for the challenge either way.

The awesome thing was, after that, I had mostly downhill all the way to Highway 9, my goal for the day. Another thing I had going for me was that the CDT joined forces with The Colorado Trail (CT) and it was pretty nice trail, which was just plain nice, but also allowed for fast walking.

I got down to the highway in time to make the 3:45pm bus to Breckenridge. I had originally planned to head the opposite direction into Frisco, but last night and today pulled a change-up. Instead of just resupplying at Walmart (in Frisco) and jumping right back on trail, I decided I’d spend a night at a hostel (in Breckenridge).

After getting checked in at the fancy hostel that I seemed to have to myself (not a busy skier/snowboarder/hiker season right now), I took the 5:45pm bus to Walmart and did my resupply shopping. I also got stuff for a town up ahead, Lake City, that seems to have a small pricey grocery store. I plan to ship that out tomorrow.

I was pretty happy with my new plan to hang in “Breck.” I think that’s what the locals call it. And am motivated once again to keep going and keep seeing beautiful mountain scenery. I’m watching the weather, but really I’m learning you can’t always count on the forecast. Seems like there’s a chance of storms most days out here during this season.

I heard an elk bugling down in the valley shown above. That, or a hunter pretending to be one. I think there’s only a few days left of the bow hunting season. Haven’t heard many in a while since the super RMNP elk experience.

Another group of three goats far on the shadowed slopes. Or, maybe it’s the same ones and they followed over the mountains yesterday!

Was happy to be in the trees again!

Album of the Day

“Tango in the Night” – Fleetwood Mac (1987)


One thought on “CDT Day 141 (CO – W. Park to Frisco)

  1. jimnewheights

    Someday there will be E Backpackers on the trail. All you would need to do is put your backpack on the E Backpackers and tell it to follow. Although the trail would probably put up a sign saying no E Backpackers.


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