CDT Day 150 (CO – Mon. Pass to L. City/Creede)

Swiftly on Day One Fifty

  • CDT Miles: 1,057.7-1,028.4 (29.3)
  • Total Hiked: 2,574.7 miles
  • Elevation Range: 10,350-11,970

I was moving today. The trail was more conducive for speedy walking than it’s been of late and I’m just in that mode right now. With the short daylight nowadays, what that looks like is quick breaks and being efficient with those breaks and as much as possible, just continually moving forward throughout the day. Only problem with that is I got rather tired by the time I clambered into my tent and wasn’t feeling any writing.

It was a beautiful morning with openness up high and some lovely colors among the clouds…

One of my favorite elk encounters of the trip! Coming up over a rise, I spotted this big guy before it did me and when it did notice me, it spooks in the video and took off.

I started seeing a range of snowy mountains off in the distance, what I figured was west-southwest of me. I wondered if I was heading to them.

Still had a few tall snow-covered peaks right nearby as well. It was mainly this one group of peaks and I went somewhat close to it’s base (where there were some deers hanging) before veering off and away.

Follow the light gray “road.” A good amount of green tunnel today.

I suppose some of it was a yellow tunnel.

Got into some very large meadows late in the day.

The clouds were suggesting that it was going to storm.

Thankfully it didn’t downpour on me and I cruised on to a trail junction where I planned to set up camp. The deal was that I needed water and there was a side trail down to Baldy Lake at the junction. Thus, I quickly set up my tent, hung up my food bags except for what I wanted along for dinner, put what I needed into my pack, and hiked down to the lake to get water and have dinner down there.

The trail down to the lake was steeper and longer than I expected. Being tired at the end of the day, this frustrated me. And then it started snowing when I was down there and I rushed to pack up. Didn’t end up letting loose, but the whole thing felt like it was a good idea, but ended up being sort of a disaster. I guess regardless I had to get water though. It was getting dark by the time I got back up to my tent and I crawled in ready for a good sleep.

Albums of the Day

“Rabbit Songs” – HEM (2001)

“Live, Vol. 3 (Live At Bojangles’ Coliseum/2009) – The Avett Brothers

Podcast of the Day

“S6E2 – Out Of The Woods” – 30 For 30 Podcasts


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