CDT Day 146 (CO – Leadville to Mon. Pass)

Around The Twins

  • CDT Miles: 1,143.6-1,132.3 (11.3)
  • Total Hiked: 2,471.8 miles
  • Elevation Range: 9,215-11,150

This morning was relaxed and wonderful. Got up, moseyed up to the kitchen, had my coffee with few bagels and cream cheese, and did the phone thing. Eventually, I packed up and cleaned up and then, after saying thanks to Chris the host, left the hostel.

First task was to walk to the post office and ship some stuff home. Afterwards I ended up at a little restaurant where I opted for a breakfast burrito and another coffee. Eventually I made my way to Subway and got a sub to pack out for dinner. Pretty serious stuff this morning, right?

At noon I got on the road to hitch back to trail. Once again, very quickly someone on pulled over. Super friendly elderly couple stopped and said they could take me part of the way. Was very nice. Good conversation. Sort of got dropped off at a bad spot though, or so I thought. Apparently, it didn’t matter because I got a lift right away.

Here’s the view of the mountains from this spot. A bit of snow still.

My next driver, Walter was a young guy driving his mom’s big SUV. He said he made some sort of bet with a friend to pick up every hitchhiker he came across. Works for me. He took me part of the way. Lastly for my third ride, Lawrence and his girlfriend Paige, who were on there way to the Maroon Bells, picked me up and brought me the rest of the way.

I was hiking by 1pm, ready to loop along the flat trail around the lakes! Check out the view of the lake with the snowy mountain backdrop.

It was a long way around to what looked like not that far across the lake. After several miles, I started looking back over the lake from the opposite side looking north where I’d come from…

At 3:45pm, I finally started turning away from the shore. And then at 4:00pm, the trail started the sharp change of going up as opposed to the flat stuff I’d been enjoying. Also in that stretch, I came to a junction and looks like I’m going along the west collegiate route as opposed to the eastern one. Some of the day hikers I talked to had asked about it and I didn’t really know til this point. I just follow my app.

On the way up, I met Damien aka Celcius who had mysteriously also been at the hostel the same time as me, but neither of us saw the other. He’s a Colorado Trail hiker. We chatted for a bit, but seemed like I had more miles on my mind for the day than him.

I stopped hiking at 5:32pm having gone a few miles further than what I’d set as a goal. It was nice to have my Subway sandwich, not having to get the stove out. I’m still waiting for the call to be part of their new outdoor marketing campaign, “Eat fresh when feeling fresh in the outdoors!” What do ya thing (blurry pic)?

Audiobook of the Day

Started “The Lord of the Rings: Return of the King” by J.R.R. Tolkien


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