An Unexpected Journey…

“There is no place on Earth that I would rather be than right here, right now. And never in my life would I ever have imagined being here.” – “Blazer” in Journeys North by Barney “Scout” Mann

Hi All! My trail name is Stevie Wonder and in April of 2019, I set out from the United States/Mexico border to thru-hike the Pacific Crest Trail (PCT) north through California, Oregon and Washington.  My goal was to walk the roughly 2,650 miles and reach Canada. Along the way, I created a 2019 PCT blog documenting my daily experiences hoping to allow my friends and family back home to be a part of the experience. 

Hiking the PCT, or any long distance trail, is something I never thought I would do. I’ve always loved hiking, backpacking, and generally just being in the natural world, but a desire/need to take on something like this, that takes so much time and commitment, really never developed until a few months before setting out. Following a tough divorce, I was going through some life changes and it was during that time that I found the trail.

The truth is I had absolutey no idea all the ins and outs of how my journey would unfold.  I think this “not knowing” is part of what makes a thru-hike so great. Trail life captivated me and I was left feeling inspired to go out and explore new places and different wilderness areas. That’s what motivated me to make this blog into something more.

This website has been a way for me to write about my experiences, the amazing places I’ve gotten to witness, and the wonderful people I met throughout my travels. I treasure these memories and love looking back at them. I started with the daily trail journals of my original 2019 PCT blog, but have slowly been adding tales of new adventures… Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore, Pacific Crest Trail 2020 (section), Vanning in Utah 2021, and now… my 2022 Continental Divide Trail journals!

If you’re looking to read about an expert super hiker’s experience, it’s not me! If instead, you want to hear stories of struggle, mistakes made, and of someone in complete awe of the beautiful surroundings, you’ve found the right place.

Please feel free to ask questions by leaving a comment and if you’re thinking of getting into the thru-hiking world, check out, an online community that my friend Cheer created for hikers – “before, during, and after the trail.”

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