CDT Day 64 (WY – Dubois to Old Faithful)

Hurdles in (and out of) Dubois

  • “Old CDT” Alt.: 16.1-20.3 (4.2)
  • Total Hiked: 1,014.7
  • Elevation Range: 8,770-9,440

Took me a while to fall asleep last night. Maybe it was the caffeine in the Dr. Pepper I had when doing laundry. Or maybe because of the town stress, fearing I won’t get all the things needed done in time. Or, it’s possible it just felt a bit unusual sleeping on the floor in a church right at the base of the pulpit.

I got up early. I think it was around 5:00am when I got up and moved into the kitchen/tables room. As the title suggests, we had a few obstacles to maneuver today.

Around 6:40am or so Cheer, Snickers, and I left to walk to the Cowboy Cafe. We didn’t think they opened til 7:00am, but it was supposed to be popular, so thought we’d get in line. Sure enough, a few people were gathered. After a bit though, a lady inside came to the door and pointed at a sign… “Closed on Wednesdays.” Shoot!

Down the road towards the Village Cafe we went. First hurdle hurdled. Over some eggs, sausage, particularly crispy hash browns, and coffee (for me), we had a bit of a team scheme session.

Apparently I was too loud and obnoxious, so the team put me at the “time out” bench with all the other hooligans…

Jk jk. This next stretch brings us right into Yellowstone National Park. We are pumped! But, we’ve also have been a little confused about backcountry permits and such. Most of the CDT, we just look for a spot that looks flat and not so lumpy and set up. Not the case in the National Park. So, I set to work on researching that, Cheer looked into a place to stay once in Old Faithful Village, and Snickers was on post office reconnaissance since there had been rumors that some post offices in the park had closed. What a team we are!

It took us some time, but we left the restaurant feeling good about things. We landed some permits to camp 2 nights in the park and Cheer found a decent price for a cabin in Old Faithful Village. Should be good times and great oldies. The tricky thing was the post office issue, but for the time being, we decided to go ahead with our other town tasks.

Two grocery stores visits and a trip to the post office, then it was back at the church organizing. All three of us got enough food for a second resupply to ship ahead to a small town in Idaho. It was a bit chaotic shopping for me. Normally, I jot down a list, maybe the number of breakfast, lunch, and dinners, or even just some thoughts about what I want at least. This time, I was winging it. Organizing the mess was almost therapeutic for me though and in the end, felt I did alright. We’ll see.

This all took a while and it was lunch by the time we were finishing up. After packing up and cleaning up after ourselves, we locked up and headed downtown.

We reached the thrift store and I sadly parted ways with my recently acquired vintage ice axe. Just didn’t think I’d be ever using it again having a lighter one back at home. Around that same time, we remembered we still hadn’t figured out the post office deal, so Cheer and Snickers got going on that.

The post office at Old Faithful Village is indeed temporarily closed (maybe to do with the recent flooding? Or maybe just lack of staffing? Not sure) and Cheer and Snickers sent boxes there which are now heading to the far north part of the park. I never realized how big Yellowstone is! That’s like over an hour drive. After much frustration and research and thinking and all that, they got it worked out to have their boxes forwarded to a spot further up the trail (we think!). They’d then resupply like I planned to do in Yellowstone, just from the general store or whatever’s available. Another hurdle hath been leapt.

One slight hiccup to this solution was that Cheer was supposed to get new shoes that she desperately needs (hers have some serious tears). Thrift store to the rescue again. This seems to be the year of the the thrift. She managed to find some in there to replace hers for the time being at least.

We were almost ready to go our last stop across town to the post office, but first stopped in at the church office to say thank you and give a donation. Such friendly and welcoming folks. They even gave us some expired Honey Stinger energy chews haha. Ok, now we were sort of ready to go to the post office. On the way though we had to stop and get Cheer some new headphones.

Got all those things taken care of, things shipped to new destinations, and then got along the road at the edge of town trying to get a ride back up to the trail.

It took us a little bit, maybe like 45 minutes, but it was worth the wait to get to ride with our main man Rick. He was up here fishing with some friends and loved telling us stories about the area having grown up visiting his families cabin. Super nice guy and very intrigued by the trail and it’s oddities. He even had a personal connection to one of the thru hikers we’d met a few days prior.

So today, we went for the classic 5:10pm start time. Not very traditional of course, but sometimes that’s the way it goes and you roll in with it. Of course we were greeted with steep CDT uphill.

It was short lived though, and once on the road in the next pic, we pretty much had downhill to Brooks Lake.

And check out this view!

Just before the lake there was this amazing lodge/spa with amazing horses. We secretly hoped they’d see us and invite us to stay for the night…

Once down at the shore of Brooks Lake, we decided the gravel lot seemed like a nice place for dinner.

It was quite the stellar scene and we were digging it. Then. Well, then we saw some clouds a coming our way.

It didn’t look too bad to us and thought it might miss us. After all, there were still two boats out on the lake. Things kicked off with a massive wind gust. It lifted up a few bags of our trash and Snickers ran after them. At the same time, a nearby dead tree cracked and crashed to the earth. Yikes. After all this, we did a world record speed pack up and retreated underneath a little pavilion/sign. Then, Snickers and Cheer thought up the grand idea to go back up the hill and take shelter in the outhouse we’d passed!

It started to rain mid-speed walk towards the outhouse and we found that just hanging outside the door was sufficient to keep us dry. So, we sat and I finished my sandy Mac and cheese while the rain hit. In total, it might’ve lasted 20 minutes. And as thing cleared, guess what???

Double rainbow!!

Yeah, pretty awesome. And just like that, thanks to my comrades, we’d hurdled yet one more hurdle. Only thing left to do was to find a place to camp. It was now after 8:00pm and we still had to hike, find our spot, setup, and hang our food bags. So off we went. Some really pretty lighting.

5 thoughts on “CDT Day 64 (WY – Dubois to Old Faithful)

      1. Sherry Hoekwater

        Well I hope you learned your lesson in time our!
        Your pics are awesome – the double rainbow and lit up mountain. 👍
        Hope Cheers white tennis are doing the job for her!
        Lunch in an outhouse, hmmm


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