CDT Day 65 (WY – Dubois to Old Faithful)

A Bear, S. Buffalo, and Finding Finder

  • “Old CDT” Alt.: 20.3-22.5 (2.2)
  • CDT Miles: 1,895.1-1,912.5 (17.4)
  • Total Hiked: 1,034.3
  • Elevation Range: 7,470-9,185

Let’s chat about bears for a sec., shall we? Last night, after hiding out by the outhouse, we talked to some campers before hitting the trail. They asked if we were prepared for bears and told us there had been an experienced climber/bear interaction recently in the area. So, what are we doing about that, you ask?

I may have touched on some things already, but the bear situation has seemed more real over the last few hiking days as folks on our app have made comments about officially entering “Grizzly Country.” So that’s the big thing. We’re around both Black Bears and Brown Bears (Grizzlies) here as opposed to the PCT, which just had Black Bears.

Here’s some stuff we do nowadays…

  • Eat meals away from camp
  • Cheer and Snickers attached bells to their packs so they jingle along
  • We hang our food and all smelly items up in trees once at camp and keep all smelly items away from everything to do with our sleep setups
  • Make noise or talk or sing, particularly in thick enclosed forested/bushes areas
  • Carry bear spray and keep it with us and accessible at all times.

After doing all that, I’ve felt quite safe out here. Plus, it helps we’re hiking in a group and we stick together closer now as opposed to giving each other distance like in other areas. All that being said, I woke up and spotted a big bear this morning.

Now, I teased you there. It really wasn’t a big deal, but I thought it was cool. Having camped up above Brooks Lake, I spotted a bear far away roaming around in the marshy meadows below after coming back from retrieving my food bags. It was more active than this vid shows, but alas, that’s all I got for now…

We got moving at 6:14am this morning and had a goal of pushing 20 miles-ish. It was a nice scenery day with a lot of meadow walking, bright flowers, some mountains that are becoming to be what I think of as Wyoming-esque, and some burned forest towards the end of the day. Also had a thunderstorm in the morning and then again in the late afternoon, thankfully nothing too intense.

We entered into official “Wilderness,” went by Upper Brooks Lake, met some cool section hiker guys Keith and Blair (the former being an ecologist and the latter a bear expert. No kidding, this guy lives in Alaska and got his Master’s degree studying bears. We got some tips on what to do if we spot one and different scenarios and I also got some tips on Alaska since that’s a dream of mine), reunited with a hiker named Finder who I met back in New Mexico and hiked and camped with him post-lunch, and crossed the South Buffalo Fork and the Soda Fork which both had some water moving quickly…

Unfortunately, most of the day I wasn’t feeling great with some stomach stuff going on. It wasn’t too bad, but did skip lunch and dinner and just snacked some. Hoping tomorrow, I’m ravenously hungry and the stomach stuff has gone.

Jingle bells…

Upper Brooks Lake…

Deer crossing…

Shells in the mountains, always baffles me. I mean snails, right? But do they create the shell or find it to live in? Questions I ponder.

Rain drops….

Finding Finder or Found by Finder?

Burned things…

Early dinner on the deck of the cabin…

Green Hopper…

Crossing that whitewater…

Song of the Day

“Higher Love– Whitney Houston & Kygo

4 thoughts on “CDT Day 65 (WY – Dubois to Old Faithful)

  1. Stephen James DeHaan

    Hey Steve–Steve DeHaan here. Jim L. forwarded your blog on to me. Wyoming is awesome. I helped a friend a few years ago doing the CDT thru Colorado and Wyoming by bringing out bikes so we could bike camp from Savory to South Pass City so he did not have to walk thru the Great Divide Basin. Water is indeed an issue. Congrats for walking instead of biking.
    Your photos of the Winds brought back so many memories. I have hiked the Winds on 6 different trips. The scenery is beyond spectacular. Keep on trucking my friend.


    1. Hey Steve! Great to hear from you and so cool you’ve gotten out here to see this area. First time for me and loving it! The Winds have been my favorite section on this trail I think. Look forward to exploring more some day.


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