CDT Day 63 (WY – Pinedale to Dubois)

The Breakfast Change-Up

  • CDT Miles: 1,866.3-1,867.4 (1.1)
  • “Old CDT” Alt: 16.1 miles
  • Total Hiked: 1,010.5
  • Elevation Range: 8,350-9,450

We left camp this morning with the goal of reaching or getting close to Highway 26, which would give us access to the resupply town of Dubois, Wyoming. 17-ish miles to get there, so we figured on camping another night out here in the woods and trying for a ride to town the next morning.

The day began with some nice walking and meadow cruising…

Had a deer cross between Snickers and I…

And had a few shadow walkers following us…

The trail split this morning and we opted to go for the alternate “blue line” this time. From the comments we read it seemed like a decent trail that was well marked whereas the other wasn’t. Plus, all the icons on our app (like junctions and water sources) were placed on this alternate and there were none on the CDT “red line.” Not sure what’s going on, maybe a lack of communication between CDT Coalition trail makers and the app designers?

Well, the trail wasn’t always great like folks had told us. At times it faded out to nothing and in such instances, we’d just follow the smooshed foliage where others had trodden ahead/follow our map app/just go the direction we guessed was right. It all worked out. Saw the biggest porcupine in my life at one point, which was pretty cool. Didn’t get any footage though sadly.

At breakfast, we realized wed been hiking at a good pace and Cheer mentioned she might try to go into town if we made it to the highway at a decent time. That sounded good to all of us and so from that point on we had town on our minds as a motivator. We’d need it too. The latter part of the day would end up being a pretty long gravel road walk that was exposed and had some tough uphill stretches. Before all that though, more meadows and forest. We kept getting closer to some cool looking mountains ahead…

A lot of today’s trail had the appearance of being cleared about 20 feet wide. I think it’s main purpose besides CDT hikers is snowmobiles. Every now and then, we saw markers up high that would be above snow levels presumably.

And the road walk. I was actually ok with this one. We’ve had a lot of tough trail lately with trees down and such, so to just cruise with nice views while listening to my audiobook was nice.

Well folks, we crushed it. Got down to the road around 3:00pm or so and in less than a half hour we had someone stop to give us a ride. And what a ride it was. Our drivers was a super nice lady and she drove a super large truck. Problem was, it was full of her gear and such in the front, so we climbed in the back! It was about 25 miles down the mountain and she was going quick. In good spirits we were 🙂 Plus, it was unique and beautiful scenery we were passing by.

After thanking our driver profusely and once again getting shut down when offering money for gas, we headed around the corner to St. Thomas’ Episcopal Church. We’d seen comments in our app telling that these nice folks let hikers and bikers stay at the church. Hotels were a tad pricey in town, so we thought we’d check it out.

Indeed, the lady at the office who we talked to was very kind and even though their church was undergoing some serious plumbing issues, she called a friend from the nearby Church of Christ, and put me on the phone with her. Cindy gave me the rundown on how to get to their church (only a few blocks away) and basically just opened it up to us. Amazing!

Snickers, Cheer, and I were quite taken aback by these folks hospitality. Literally, they just told us where the key was and left us to it. The little church was split half chairs and an aisle and pulpit and the other half a small kitchen, tables, and bathrooms. We would end up sharing the space with Breeze, a hiker I’d met in Chama, New Mexico, and Richard, a transcontinental route biker.

We got right into our town stuff. Did laundry and showers at the KOA campground. Cheer and I hit up the barbecue restaurant. Phenomenal, but pricey for not huge hiker portions. And lastly, visited the ice cream shop as the sun was going down. I was too full, but Cheer’s sundae looked delish.

Audiobook of the Day

Finished “The Fellowship of the Ring” by J.R.R. Tolkien and started “Love Does” by Bob Goff

Album of the Day

“Roll Me, Tumble Me” by the Deadly Gentlemen

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