CDT Days 81-82 (ID/MT – Leadore to Darby)

Lovely Leadore and Beyond

Day 81

After a challenging stretch coming into the resupply town of Leadore, Idaho, we felt we needed a day to rest and recharge. I personally felt that it seemed like many days of going, going, going and so was pretty strongly in favor of the zero day idea. When we got into town yesterday and found it small and quaint, yet with everything a hiker needs, that sealed the deal.

Leadore is tiny, but friendly, and wonderful. The amenities we utilized, were the city park ($10/night tenting with shower, bathroom, charging, and even a fridge and freezer available), the post office (luckily timed it right when the staff was around to pick-up boxes of food we’d sent ourselves… hours seem to be a bit flexible), the Stagestop Junction store and gas station (this place was great and had decent hiker resupply options, albeit expensive, homemade cookies and bread for their subs and buns, and the highlight… their cinnamon rolls!), the community center/library (free WiFi, even outside the building) and the Depot (this is one of two restaurants and we quite liked it. In general, all the town residents seemed to be cheery folks and very welcoming to us hikers.

Our shoe story continued as well in town. To recap Cheer’s epic saga: her original pair started getting tears after only 300 miles or so, she preceded to walk in those while they deteriorated for another 200 miles, in Dubois she picked up a lovely thrift store pair but after two or three days those weren’t working out, back to the originals, then in Lima found a hiker box pair that got her to Leadore, and finally got her new pair shipped here! Some blue and pink beauties. And… since my shoes have started falling apart quickly as well, I’ll be switching to her last hiker box pair seeing as they’re my exact shoe and size, Brooks Caldera 2’s (you might even recognize the design since I had the same ones on the PCT) . The trail provides!

My old, torn and sewn up pair…

And the new-to-me hiker box pair…

Here’s our beauty camp area…

A lot of smoke blew in during the evening from the Moose Fire. Yesterday, Snickers had stopped into the ranger station in town and asked about it. We were worried about trail closures, but seems like we’re safe since it’s on the opposite side of the highway. Still, we might be in for some smokey hiking days ahead.

We met a few southbounders in town including Gretzky who Cheer and I ate with…

Day 82

  • CDT Mile: 2,236.4-2,256.5 (20.1)
  • Total Hiked: 1,377.9 miles
  • Elevation Range: 7,680-9,475 feet

Cheer and Snickers figured out a ride up to the trail with our main man Randy the Trail Angel, leaving at 8am. We were joined by another hiker, Wow (Words of Wisdom). We all got to the store early and since it was a tad on the chilly side still, all but Cheer bundled up for the ride in the back of the pickup truck. Cheer went up front with Randy.

See ya Leadore, you’ve been good to us…

Snickers and I got to chat with Wow a bit on the drive despite it being a little loud. He’s from Tasmania and has a great accent. Would’ve been great to hike with him for a while, but he’s headed southbound at this point. So, once up at our stop, we snapped a pic for Randy and then he took off where we’d come from two days prior.

What a beauty truck behind all of us hikers though, am I right?

We went for the classic 8:39am start time this morning. Very nice to have a ride arranged so we could get going early and get a full day of hiking in. Starting out, we had uphill for a ways, but it wasn’t like our previous section. It was nice trail, believe it or not!

I even took a pic to show the difference of today vs. what we were dealing with before. On the left, we have a nice trail that winds around the mega hill. On the ride is a two track that goes straight up the sucker…

I wasn’t feeling great today and so was trying to find the middle ground of not having my hip belt so tight as to squeeze my upset stomach and not too loose that the weight of 5.5 days of food was 100% all on my shoulders. The illness (my normal stomach issues) started yesterday morning during our zero day and seems to be a lingerer. I hate lingerers. I wasn’t eating much at all during the morning and I tried a few snacks at lunch just to see how that would do.

The other thing about today was the increase in smoke haze from the Moose Fire. In the pics, you can see everything is a bit gray and towards the end of the day we even had some ash float down on us like snow.

Our nice trail stuff ended around 3-3:30pm and then we got some steep two track stuff again. It was slow going for those parts, but overall we were making really good time.

The southbounders keep coming. We bumped into about six today. One was a guy called Graham and he recognized me right away. Took me a second to figure out that I’d met him at the Tucson train station back in April on my way to start the trail. At the time, he’d just finished the Arizona Trail and was just talking about the idea of the CDT. And then there he was today. Cool to have these trail reunions. Another hiker was Andy from Scotland (I think) and then Hong Kong who might be from Hong Kong, but I don’t think so. Didn’t ask, but he did have a flag attached to his external frame pack.

A little after 7pm we made camp in some flat spots the right of the road/trail. Each set up tents, then had dinner. I had regained my appetite and energy at this point and was feeling better, so devoured my ramen bomb: shrimp flavored ramen noodle, about half a bag of roasted garlic Idahoan mashed potatoes, and a hot buffalo tuna packet. I also had some sweets for dessert. Guess I wasn’t really holding back.

After an easy bear hang (still doing this most nights), I went straight to the tent. Quite tired from not feeling all that great and hiking 20 miles still. Happy it seems my ailment has gone though and excited for tomorrow’s hike. Hoping the smoke recedes, but we’ll see. Thinking about the firefighters and folks in the fire area.

Album of the Day

“Whitney” – Whitney Houston

Song of the Day

“Semi-Charmed Life – Acoustic” – Third Eye Blind

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