CDT Day 83 (ID/MT – Leadore to Darby)

A Day of Two Halves

  • CDT Miles: 2,256.5-2,269.5 & 2,271.9-2,282.3 (23.4)
  • Pattee Creek Alt.: 1.9 miles
  • Total Hiked: 1,403.2 miles
  • Elevation Range: 7,265-9,730 feet

At 5:10am my alarm started beeping. Took me a few seconds before I could find it lying next to me and press the button effectively silencing it. Giving myself a few minutes to wake up, I just laid there. Then, knowing if I stayed any longer I’d fall back asleep, I sat up and began changing from my sleep clothes (Hole-filled Smart Wool base layers) to hiking clothes.

Next in my routine is to do everything I can inside my tent before going out and putting it all together. I’m not very good at this. Cheer and Snickers both somehow manage to pack pretty much everything but their tent all whilst underneath. Then, last minute they hop out, take down their tent, and stuff it in the pack somewhere.

This morning, it stayed darker longer than normal due to the haze and being under forest cover.

6:01am started hiking on a two track. The sky was a pinkish hue. Ahead of me, Cheer and Snickers were engaged ina conversation about small town life (such as that found in Leadore) and the differences between NYC and Cali. I wasn’t feeling like talking.

It was a toasty morning compared to others and I delayered right away thinking I shouldn’t have even started with my fleece. After an hour or so, I joined in the talking. The topic had moved on to our families, then things related to living through wars, and then diversity or lack of diversity growing up. Lots of moving from one subject to another.

The smoke seemed to have settled into the valleys and gave me the feel of the Great Smoky Mountains.

Saw a deer this morning and we didn’t even talk about it, just watched. And then moved on. It seems were getting that used to some of these animals.

Around 8am, talked to sobo’er Bambi Magnet. Cheer and Snickers are better at giving all the town details. I keep it pretty short most of the time.

8:40am, I put oatmeal and some water into my cold soak peanut butter jar for our second breakfast that was soon to come.

9:00am, we bushwacked a bit off trail down to a water source at the Sacagawea Memorial Area. The water, turns out, is called “Most Distant Fountain Spring” and is supposedly the headwaters for the Missouri River. There were two hikers there, Roadwalk from Belgium, and Fluffy. It was a real nice breakfast spot with benches and shade and some informational signs and such. Nice unexpected break for the team.

10:00am, we started going again. On the short road walk back to the trail we bumped into more sobo hikers (Alpine, Juju, and Chipotle) and there was a mini gathering. To try and keep things moving, we kept it short, but it’s been really fun getting some of the social aspects of a thru again.

Our after morning hike started out with a small bit of road walking, then an exposed climb, then moved into mixed forest and openness still climbing and eventually into mostly forested nice trail. Had a few spots up high with cell service, so seemed like we were moving slow due to a couple breaks to use phones.

Ok ok, so maybe I edited the last pic a little.

We would’ve had about a 20-mile water carry today, but having heard about a “secret” source from other hikers, we took another bushwack route (Ley alternate) down to a road and had lunch near Pattee Creek at 1:30pm

So, the title of my post refers to the fact that the morning felt pretty good. We we’re cruising and most of all, I felt good. Leaving lunch, the stomach illness returned, which is not typical. Luckily, still not all that bad, just annoying really.

4:15pm smell of smoke returned and the wind picked up some.

Around 5pm, a little sprinkle started falling as we entered into a recent burned area.

CDT marker got it’s paint a melted off I think…

The end of the day we had some steep climbs and I was drained. It was the toughest stretch of the day, but I also probably took the most pics feeling it was also the most picturesque. We kept trudging and conquered our foe.

We may have given this summit a not so appropriate name given our moods after the shirt extra scramble up to he top. Mt. Stupid Mountain was a polite version of it.

Down was almost worse or at least more sketchy. The trail was steep and loose rock that med for very slippery walking.

We were vigilant with our trekking pole usage and made it down to the dirt road crossing and campsites we’d eyed earlier as our goal for the day. We set up fast. There was a spring about 0.2 miles that Snickers and I went to fill up water from. I pulled a hibernating marmot technique though and went in early to the tent after this, still not feeling good.

Albums of the Day

“30” – Adele

“Be Not Nobody” – Vanessa Carlton

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