CDT Day 70 (WY – Old Faithful to W. Yellowstone)

Yellowstone (What’s the Story Morning Glory?)

  • CDT Miles: 1,988.1-1,998 (9.9)
  • Total Hiked: 1,122.8 miles
  • Elevation Range: 7,280-8,560 feet

"Pretty awesome earth we live on here, as far as Earth's go..." "Yeah this Earth's pretty cool" 
- Stevie Wonder and Cheer whilst checking out the Yellowstone oddities.

The team was up before 6am to get going on stuff. Of utmost importance for the day, at least for Cheer and I, was the breakfast buffet at the historic Old Faithful Inn. Snickers decided to hang in the room while the two of us got going. Not a bad walk to breaky break…

This building is something else. It’s all wooden and had a giant stone chimney, very much like the historic lodges I’ve seen in the Midwest, like Starved Rock State Park, except on a much grander scale. Looking up at the various wooden staircases, it had the feel of a giant tree house to me. I want to come back some day and see how high I can get up…

Breakfast was delicious. My first course I opted for bacon, sausage, scrambled eggs, some yogurt, granola, and fruit, and some golden fried potatoes. Second, was french toast with an amazing blueberry sauce and also a biscuit with gravy piled on top. I tried to eat slow and not to overdue it, but like Thanos, it was inevitable. It was probably a good thing I forgot to pack out some of the delicious blueberry scones.

As we left the dining hall, we found Snickers out in the lobby on his way to find us. He volunteered to go the ranger station for the team and we parted ways. We realized late last night that the border of the park is something like 17 miles away, which we’d have to reach if we didn’t get a permit. Not much time to hang and get ready to go with that plan, so we schemed to get another permit at the one camp site on our trail out.

Fast forward an hour… Snickers go it! We now only had to hike about 10 miles to Summit Lake, so had a little breathing room. I resupplied at the General Store when they opened and we all met back at our cabin to pack up before 11:00am when we had to get out. After finishing up some phone things, we finally got up close to see Old Faithful do her thing (please ignore my commentary)…

I was very happy to have taken this kast chance to get up close and watch from beginning to end. Such a cool experience. Afterwards, we hung around the Inn for a bit longer, Snickers got some Falafel given to him from some strangers we met, then we hit the trail. Rather than take the wide paved bike path, we made the decision to take the more interesting boardwalk that took us by a bunch of geysers and pools. Definitely worth the detour! I took lots of pictures. These are only highlights, you’ll have to visit yourself to get the full extent of things. Amazing.

Huckleberry marshmallow treat…

And then, my favorite of the day, Morning Glory…

But there were more beauties. Lots more…

Because of our new permit, we really took our time and enjoyed this walk. It was fun laughing and joking and taking in these wonders. Not until around 3:00pm did we leave the more touristy area and walk regular old CDT again. Had a brief bit of flat before a pretty steep uphill. The majority of it was forest and I figure y’all have seen a good many pictures of forest walking by this point, so no need to include more here.

We did see some glassy obsidian, which was cool. This next specimen has some white interspersed within…

Throughout this whole thing, we met three thru -hikers as they passed us by: Blue Blaze, Saint Bernard, and Takeshi. Turns out we’d all end up at the same camp site near Summit Lake.

After getting set up, we moved a bit away to a spot near the lake to have dinner. I had a ranch packet from the Old Faithful Lodge cafeteria that I added into my Mac and cheese. Wasn’t sure how it’s go, but great choice. Really just seemed to make it creamier.

Also of note, was the lack of mosquito activity. It was strange. They were still around, but weren’t attacking. It was just like in the Matrix Revolutions (spoiler alert for a movie that came out early 2000’s) when Neo defeats Smith and comes to peace terms with the machines and the the sentinels all just stop attacking the people of Zion. Just hoping the mosquitos follow the next scene of the movie too, where they turn around and leave! Ok, geek out over.

While finishing our meals, Blue Blaze and Saint Bernard joined for some good convo. Talks of burying food caches along the San Juan section of the CDT, making a failed attempt at constructing snow shoes out of trekking poles, dehydrated meals, snowy PCT adventures, Kilimanjaro, and dislocating fingers.

Then… bear hangs and bed time. Really good day today!

Album of the Day

“(What’s the Story) Morning Glory?” – Oasis

2 thoughts on “CDT Day 70 (WY – Old Faithful to W. Yellowstone)

  1. jimnewheights

    And now onto Glacier National Park. Not a bad way to finish
    the CDT.
    When we visited Glacier a few years back the ranger suggested
    reading ” Night of the Grizzlies”. Not for the faint of heart thou.

    Liked by 1 person

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