CDT Day 10 (NM – Lordsburg to Silver City)

Road Walking

CDT Miles: 144.1- 157.8 (13.7 miles)
Total Hiked: 157.8 miles
Elevation Range: 4,950-6,230

I survived the night cowboy camping and actually once I fell asleep, had pretty solid sleep. No creatures tried to get me 😉 As I started packing up I had an epiphany of sorts, simply the idea to boil water for oatmeal and coffee before setting out. I really didn’t want to stop much on this busy highway road walk. And, I also wanted to make sure I wasn’t walking along the road in the dark at all. So just made sense to sit and chill before setting out.

Top of the morning to ya…

I still had a little bit of dirt road before getting to Highway 180. About 7:00am, I started out. It was a long, almost tedious feeling, walk. I allowed myself to break my “rule” of no music, podcasts, audiobooks before second breakfast for this. From now on there’ll be an addendum to that rule stating that road walks are in their own league and I can do whatever’s going to help me get through and crush it.

My strategy for the walking was to change it up as far as walking surface (not all asphalt, but occasionally gravel/grass, and to stay on level footing not super slanted) and to keep my eyes on those cars zooming towards me.

There were some crazy drivers, the worst being the few that started crossing the white line as they neared me, at which time I took several side steps and maybe even gave an angry shake of my first as they passedor a turn around with my arm out like, what the Sam hill? Plus, more than once, cars thought it was pretty cool to pass the car in front of them right at the exact point where I was. Awesome.

Alright, enough ranting.

Only a few miles out of Silver City, I came to this monumental sign. Pretty awesome when hiking the Continental Divide Trail to cross over the continental divide.

I cruised this morning and got into town around 11:30am, a whole day earlier than I’d originally planned. Normally, coming into town like this, I’d be trying to figure out details of where to stay and resupply and such, but guess what!? My dear friend Cheer drove from California to be here for CDT Trail Days and so I was lucky enough to get to hang with her and benefit from her super trail angel prowess!

After getting a shower, so as to be presentable to the outside world, the first stop was for food. Didn’t take long to pick out, Chaos Sandwiches, just down the road. I believe Cheer got their take on a Cuban, whereas I went for the “Artemis” sandwich, this beautiful tasty delicacy…

Yep, that’s Mac and cheese and barbecue brisket.

The rest of the day, I got started on town tasks like laundry and different phone things, but it was nice and relaxed. Eventually, we ended up walking around downtown Silver City and exploring a bit. Cheer had visited this town last year when she hiked the New Mexico part of the CDT and it was one of her favs. I thought this mural of the CDT map was so cool…

Along the outside there were tiles bordering with different animals depicted related to the NM CDT. I thought the cows were most appropriate (not sure how accurate those jagged peaks in the background are though, I thought it should maybe just be a flat line)…

I also like this next one and figured it was symbolizing hungry CDT hikers 🤷

Such an amazing time reconnecting with Cheer and hanging in town. Especially after such a remote section, it was great to have some company and to enjoy the comforts of town! Since getting into town a day early, Trail Days stuff wouldn’t start til tomorrow, but we were excited to see and meet a bunch of hikers the next day.

Albums of the Day

“The Second Gleam” by The Avett Brothers

“Through the Deep, Dark Valley” by The Oh Hellos

Audiobook of the Day

“Falling Upward” by Richard Rohr

3 thoughts on “CDT Day 10 (NM – Lordsburg to Silver City)

  1. Sherry Hoekwater

    I think I will be more mindful of good road etiquette and be more considerate of hikers (if I see any😉) and bikers!
    Also, that sandwich is very interesting! Was it good?


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