Van Build – A Minor Setback

So this past Saturday morning, I awoke early-ish, got ready to go and then once in the driver seat of the van turned the key to go… click… click… nothing 😦

After a few more tries and a failed attempt at jumping the battery, still no success. The battery, in fact, looked in great shape.

I admit, I was a bit flustered. Soon though, I was reassuring myself that Ronnie just wasn’t a morning van, she just wanted a sleep in. It was after all, 15 degrees fahrenheit outside. I would be a little frozen up too if I’d been hanging out in those temperatures overnight. So, I hopped in with my pops in his truck and we set out to our destination thinking that we’ll figure it out later on in the day.

Later in the day…

We had to take a shield off under the hood and one that’s placed underneath the entire bottomside front of the van. Even then, it took a few YouTube videos before we could locate the Starter and Solenoid in the mess of parts. It didn’t look in great shape!

Our next attempt was trying an ancient German technique: my dad hit the parts with a hammer simultaneously while I tried turning the key to get the engine to start. We’ve had success using this method with other vehicles. Not this time though.

After that fail, we briefly looked up the price for parts and where we could get some locally. Then, we investigated how difficult we felt it would be to remove and replace. I was getting frustrated at this point and the bolts were so tricky to access, so despite Dave H’s assurances that we could do it, I threw in the towel and said nope. My new plan was to call the mechanic Monday morning and see what my options were and so we packed things up.

A few hours later, I thought to myself, “Hmm, I’m just going to try starting it again for fun.”

Boom, started, no problem.

Fearing that this wasn’t a lasting fix, I decided to just head to the mechanic right away and drop it off to save an expensive tow. And that’s what I did. And that’s where things are right now. I’ll still call Monday to have them take a look.

I believe this is going to be a fairly easy and inexpensive fix and going further Veronica and I will have a long and healthy relationship for many years! Fingers crossed!

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