PCT 2020 Day 7: Mile 861.6 – 878.7

Selden, Marie, and The Wart

Beginning Elevation = 9,750

Ending Elevation = 7,850

Elevation Range = 7,850 – 10,900

Weather: Sunny and nice

Our morning consisted of a 1,150 feet climb over 4 miles to reach Selden Pass. As we neared Sallie Keyes Lakes, we witnessed some coyotes yipping and howling off in the distance (sound up)…

Fortunately, we didn’t have to do battle with the pack, but we were confident we could have taken them if it had come to it.

The trail follows right along the edge of the southeasternmost lake. So peaceful and pretty. And then pops over to the other lake before climbing higher. We took a nice second breakfast break there. Here’s a photo looking back after getting going again…

Still on our climb towards Seldon Pass, we took yet another break at Heart Lake. Why not? I honestly don’t remember what the girls were up to, but I found myself looking for little worms or dead flies/insects and such to feed to the trouts. I managed to have one come up to the surface and swallow my offering, but later when I tried to show off my trick to the team, the fish didn’t cooperate with me.

Here’s looking back at a neat little green section. It seemed like the high peaks surrounding us must have still had some snow melting, which was draining through this valley. That’s Heart Lake in the distance…

And just like that we’d made it for a 9:39am summiting of Seldon Pass!

See look, we’re all happy about it 🙂 Sups cute, right? But… we couldn’t resist taking a second victory pose, this time opting for one of the all time Instagram classics, the “booty pop” whilst looking off into the distance…

After celebrating, we made our way down to the gorgeous Marie Lake where we intended to take a stop and maybe a swim…

Despite the wind picking up a tad, we all went for it! This was one of of my most favorite rock jumping platforms of the whole PCT.

After leaving our swimming hole, we made our way to the far side of the lake and filtered water at its outlet. For the next stretch we walked together. I remember having a bit of “story time with Stevie” in which I had the privilege of re-introducing my comrades to the characters of the classic show Boy Meets World. We started with the early years in which the Corey and Topanga’s relationship began, while simultaneously the best friend bond of Corey and Shawn Hunter was also strengthened. We covered all the main plot twists culminating with the trying times of the high school ski lodge trip and the temptress Lauren!

Soon, we met Bear Creek and after a fairly easy rock hop crossing, we cruised on the trail alongside it. This was a very very bad mosquito section and caused Cheer to go full net suit! Calzone and I, as well as several other passing hikers, were all quite jealous of it.

At the point when the trail would switch to go uphill we stopped and I realized that once again I’d lost my headphones. After a failed attempt at trail running back in the direction we’d come to look for them, I eventually found them on the earth pretty near to where I’d been at the start of the fiasco. The rest of the day would turn out to be unexpectedly brutal for all of us!

Here’s our elevation profile for the day from the Guthooks app. Forever, we will remember this last blip in the day going up Bear Ridge as “The Wart.”

We did get some views as we went up.

But it was steep and tough being at the end of the day. Then, the worst part of all in my opinion, an especially steep series of switchbacks down to our camp. A loss of about 2,000 elevation.

The bottom had a nice Aspen grove just prior to our camp, but we were so beat that it was tough to appreciate it’s beauty and wonder…

The wart especially got to Calzone. She’d been experiencing some altitutude sickness towards the end of the day and it really hit during that last downhill. After settling on our camp spot, we all sort of took it real slow and Cheer and I tried to help out in whatever ways we could. I always feel useless at times like these, but could at least fill up water for the group. A bunch of food calories seemed to rejuvinate me, but I’m pretty sure Calzone felt off that whole evening.

Here’s our camp and dinner spot…

And my nutritious dinner before crashing…

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