Day 46 (May 23): Mile 566.5

Zeroing in Tehachapi

I’ll try my best to be brief on today’s post folks!

I feasted on the hotel breakfast. Holiday Inn Express’ were my home away from home whenever traveling for work (which is why I got this stay for free using my rewards points), and during such visits I would get quite sick of the same food spread. This morning, however, it all sounded glorious and didn’t disappoint (pancakes, toasted bagel with cream cheese, Greek yogurt, banana, coffee, and of course the cinnamon rolls).

Brian/Kool-Aid had switched to this hotel last night and so I found him this morning taking care of some real-life stuff. He’s an international teacher and was using the hotel computers, getting things in order before he leaves for China in August. He did join for breakfast for a bit and was amazed by the “pancake robot.”. It was malfunctioning slightly, but still produced two normal sized golden delicious varieties for me.

After breakfast, I checked at the desk and got the packages I’d shipped! New shoes and socks! I went for the same shoe (Brooks Caldera 2), but now have these super neon colors. Pretty sure they’re glow-in-the-dark. Night hiking here I come. The socks I bought to get the next “cushion” size up from Darn Tough.

I spent some time rinsing/cleaning up my gear and organizing. Then, around noon, Kool-Aid and I walked into town for lunch and resupply. Had to document Kool-Aid purchasing Kool-Aid!

We ran into Calzone and Cheer in our travels and ended up getting ice cream with them (we really like ice cream!). Then, back to the hotel after a ride from an elderly gentleman that enjoyed telling us some stories from his youth.

We did some scheming about the upcoming sections together, made sure our food supply was adequate, and eventually got some dinner just across the road at Denny’s.

We didn’t feel like walking all the way back into town for dinner. Now, as I’m writing we’re just hanging watching the tele (Men in Black 3).

Back to trail life tomorrow. Feeling rested up and ready to crush some miles!

If anyone is interested in knowing what all gear I have along with me, here’s a list I made and tried to edit so that up to date. I’m sure it’s not all encompassing, but should be close.

7 thoughts on “Day 46 (May 23): Mile 566.5

  1. rewastev

    I’m not even joking, when I got to the last line of your equipment list I thought it said “Beer Canister (Sierra Nevada).”


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