Day 39 (May 16): PCT Mile 469.4 – 478.2

Lluvia y La Casa de Luna

Beginning Elevation = 4,300
Ending Elevation = 3,400
Weather: Cold, rainy, and windy

It rained overnight and was still spitting when I woke up. As has become my custom in such occasions, I took my time getting ready and had breakfast in my tent. When I thought I heard a break in the rain, I made my getaway, trying to pack up quickly. I was in a cloud/dense fog with rain coming at me sideways.

I started my hike a little before 8:00am. I was kind of at the top of a ridge, and shortly got over the top and began going downhill. It was cold and soon my not-waterproof gloves were soaked. I didn’t have any drinking water, so eventually had to stop and fill up a little. Other than that, I put on my audiobook and just trudged onward. I didn’t even stop for pictures because it was so cold and wet.

At first the trail was still absorbing the rainwater, but by mid morning the soil became fully saturated and puddling a bit. Not the nicest of hikes thus far.

I made it to San Francisquito Valley Road around 11:15am. Here, I started walking the road off-trail towards the “town” of Green Valley, towards another trail angel host’s house called Casa de Luna. Not very far along I got a hitch from a girl named Mel who was familiar with PCT’ers and actually knew the folks at Casa de Luna. She brought me to the gas station/market where I was hoping to go first.

I was so dang cold!  My rain jacket held up nicely, but I don’t have rain pants yet, so was soaked through. My shoes and socks too. At the gas station, I went right away to the cappuccino machine and made a hot chocolate and coffee mixture. I then got in line while drinking it. It was just what I needed! I waited a super long time in line because a gob of hikers had just come in to get lunch stuff and by the time I got up to the register, I’d finished my drink.

Next, I went outside and changed into a dryer shirt and my puffy. I then went back in to get some lunch stuff myself. The amount of hikers in this gas station was ridiculous. Most got microwave stuff and so a separate line formed for the microwave. I got an old fav. of mine, pizza rolls!These hit the spot as well. I left around 1:30pm to head up to the Anderson’s house, Casa de Luna. It was just a short walk down the road, maybe took me 10 minutes.

Upon arrival, I was told by other hikers to see the lady on the porch, Terrie, the one who was hosting us all. She gave me a hug and welcomed me, then had a fellow hiker, Dock (previously I’d been calling him Doc, but found out it actually stands for Dictator of Caring and Kindness – he truly is a genuine carer), show me around. He showed me the trail that leads through the back “yard,” a Manzanita forest, where various spots are cleared for tenting.

I found a nice level place for my tent. You can see in the video lots of painted rocks that previous hikers designed. Some were very nicely done and had great sayings. Here’s a few I liked…

When I returned to the front of the house, I picked out a Hawaiian shirt to dun for my stay. Most were wearing them, some not, too cool I guess. They had some pop up tents set up with chairs and couches underneath where we could hide from the rain. It had mostly stopped but periodically would start up again.

Like at Hiker Heaven, there were lots of us again, although not quite as many. It was a relaxed setting. I spent some time researching, ordering online, and having shipped a few items like new shoes, socks, ice axe, and a dry bag. I also had my nails painted by Songbird to complete my outfit. It seemed appropriate to bring more color out on such a dreary day. Check out this get up…

Around 6:30pm, Terrie announced some dinner guidelines, we all washed our hands, and then lined up for taco salad! Very tasty!

After dinner, some tunes were turned on and folks lined up to do their best dance moves in front of Terrie to recieve their official PCT 2019 bandana.

To finish the night off, Carol, Songbird, Calzone and I walked back down to the gas station for ice cream. I made one of the best decisions I’ve made on trail yet in picking Ben and Jerry’s Half Baked flavor. It was rather difficult to eat with a plastic spoon, but I was persistent and showed that pint what was up.

Afterwards, rather than hang out longer, I made my way to my tent. I was feeling pretty tired 😴.

Hoping tomorrow brings sunshine to dry my stuff out!

4 thoughts on “Day 39 (May 16): PCT Mile 469.4 – 478.2

  1. Jim Nydam

    Picked up a big screen to go over your hat today. Mosquito Haven is coming. I will have them for you and Dave at Muller Pass. If you need something else from REI let me know.


  2. Sherry Hoekwater

    What a neat place to be on a rainy day/night! I’m lovin Terrie and Dock (great name!)
    If it wasn’t for the weight I’d have you bring me one of those cool painted message rocks! Did you leave one behind?
    Hope you showed off your cool dance moves and got one of those PCT 2019 bandannas🕺🎶!


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