Day 4 (April 11): PCT Mile 36.1 – 48.0

April 11 (11.9 miles hikes) - "Mount Laguna and the Dumb Tentsite": It was a cold morning before reaching the small "town" of Mount Laguna. We had fun with our first resupply, ate at the Pine House Restaurant, and continued on the trail. Leaving town, we got stellar views and some strong winds...


Day 1 (April 8): PCT Mile 0 – 11.4

April 8 (11.4 miles hiked) - Day 1: So much planning, thinking about, and waiting for this get started on the trail!  Day 1 of my 2019 PCT adventure! After breakfast, being carted to the trail, and a southern terminus photo shoot, I tapped the trailhead post with my trekking poles and we began!