CDT Day 128 (WY/CO – Rawlins to Steamboat)

Sobo Wars: Return of The Stevie (to CO)

  • CDT Miles: 1,511.1-1,483.9 (27.2)
  • Total Hiked: 2,122.4 miles
  • Elevation Range: 9,075-10,455

“No more training do you require. Already know you, that which you need.” – Yoda (Stat Wars: Return of the Jedi)

Another long one and a tired one in the tent, so keeping it short today.

I awoke once again curious to find out what things looked liked outside. It had sort of rained all night, meaning, I heard drops on my tent all night. It was a test for me to pack up everything inside today and then last minute I jumped out and took the tent down. Felt I did pretty good, but it also helped that it wasn’t really raining, more misting and it just seemed everything was saturated. Like the air itself was just full of moisture. Looking out, it definitely felt I was in a cloud.

Pretty much the whole day would be going in and out of the super saturated cloud. I had a brief bit of sun trying to break through right when I passed into Colorado (woohoo!), so tried to take advantage and set things out while doing an early lunch. I actually skipped my usual breakfast break because it’s no fun sitting in the cold and rain. So I snacked instead.

Lots of hunters out, all looking for elk it seems. I guess the bow and muzzleloader season is right now. So was a bit nervous about that idea, but I did have my bright pink pack cover on all day today. And I guess muzzleloader ends Sunday.

Did the old 6:32am to 6:20pm hike today. Crushed it. Rain started as I was finishing up dinner. Dry inside and cozy!

Colorado! Here we go!

A cdt bench!? This is how Colorado treats it’s hikers? Saweet.

Just can barely catch it, but big mule deer buck going into the forest. Lots and lots of hunters around, but all going for elk it seems.

My tent view. Opened up a tad, but somehow still started raining to finish dinner off and send me to my tent. I think I was hearing some sheep off on the mountain of the second pic. Or, after a long day I was losing it?

Also… If you caught my change-up in the order of my “Sobo Wars” posts title, congrats, 14 gold stars to you. I had been going in order, but switched things up since today was the day I returned. Get what I’m saying? Maybe a few if you are following me here 🙂

Albums of the Day

“Live in Seattle” – Shawn McDonald (2005)

“Magical Mystery Tour” – The Beatles (1967)


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