CDT Day 121 (MT – Waterton to Chief Mtn.)

GNP: Through the Wilderness

  • CDT/PNT Bonus Miles: 10.3 miles
  • Elevation Range: 4,550-5,330

The plan was to meet the Dave H and Sheryl team (yeah… they’ve been playing around in Glacier this whole time) out at the highway around 12:00-12:30pm ish. We’d sent some satellite text messages back and forth to set things up. Now all that was left was for each of us to get there. We got going at 6:32am and it was cloudy.

We made a good pace the whole way really since it was pretty gentle. It seemed we were exiting out the flat-ish side of the park. Visited some repeat section of trail til 7:15am, then cut up to go in a northeasterly direction along the Belly River.

Here’s Cosley Lake again…

And a pic of cloudyness walking…

Ranger station down below with a nice meadow…

Crossing the mighty Belly…

Right around 9am, we stopped for second breakfast in an open area. We agreed we’d keep it short since pretty cold out, but even so, we left there and were all bundled up. It’s started to sprinkle and the temp. felt like it dropped some.

Saying goodbye to the Glacier wilderness and for Cheer and Snickers, the CDT…

We were so fast that we arrived around to the parking lot around 11am, an hour earlier than I’d told mom and dad to meet us. It mattered not to us. We had done it! Made it to Canada and made it through Glacier and survived, still standing on our own feet!

Look how official it was at our parking lot…

Even so, we opted for a nice sit by the outhouse. That felt right to us in true hiker trash fashion…

After a while, I went to explore and find the supposed monument that marked the northern end of the trail here (there’s two “official” northern terminus’, we’d actually hit both up). The actual vehicle border crossing is closed currently. Has been since Covid started I guess. So, it felt illegal walking through this stuff…

I found it though!

Didn’t stay long and didn’t take many pics. I mean, we’d already gotten to the border, so this was like a bonus. When I got back to the parking lot, we started chatting with a backpacker hiking a section in the park who also happened to have done the PCT. He said his trail name was Admin. Super nice guy.

Couple minutes later, up the hill, out of the forest, there came our pal, Fix It! We’d been checking in with him and scheming to meet here and everything was coming together. He didn’t go to the Waterton Lake border, so we got to hike this last little bit together through the closed down security checkpoints and such to the monument. Awesome stuff. Got his pics and then when back at our outhouse, Admin. offered us some celebratory beers. Fix it and I were the only ones who partook. It was a pretty cool moment!

We ended up waiting a little longer than anticipated. And it was quite chilly. We feared not though and soon enough, our trail support crew arrived having battled traffic and construction to get to us. Piled the packs into the back, then the hikers into the front, and we were off to the lands of warmth and dryness and food!

There was actually a healthy amount of snacks in the truck that we devoured. Not necessarily healthy nutrition-wise, but lots, and they really hit the spot. Don’t think ma and pa knew what hit em with four hungry thru-hikers going at their snacks. At the first small town we got to we stopped in to supplement out snackage supplies, and kept cruising. It’s quite the drive to get back to E. Glacier.

All was well.

Once back at the good ole Looking Glass Hostel, ma and pa stopped in to make a morning plan with us, but then took off back for their campsite. The rest of the day for us hikers was taking it easy, getting clean, doing laundry, and essentially for me and Cheer, getting ready to roll out tomorrow morning.

I took on laundry this go around and treated myself to a celebratory brownie from Brownie’s and a nice dark beer on a cold day…

Later, Fix It, Snickers, Cheer, and I would visit Serano’s Mexican Restaurant one last time. On the way there we bumped into Mr. Fabulous who I haven’t seen since Southern New Mexico.

Afterwards, it was back at the hostel hanging with the other hikers there. I was happy to see Mishap show up, another New Mexico hiker. Chatted with Emma and then with Cruze Control and Fix It. Most of us ended up sleeping on the floor since it was raining and cold outside, but a few had cabins. A nice night.


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