CDT Day 120 (MT – Waterton to Chief Mtn.)

GNP: Headed Out

  • CDT/PNT Bonus Miles: 16.9 miles
  • Elevation Range: 4,225-6,915

Because of our decision to go to the Waterton Lakes border, we had a total of 27 miles to hike out to get to civilization. So, we set out to cover some of that today and leave a shorter hike tomorrow to get out to Highway 17 near the Chief Mountain border station.

Today was all repeat trail that we’d hiked the past two days (the overgrown forest stuff to the Stoney Indian Trail, then the climb back to the pass, then down past the wonderful waterfalls and lakes ending at the “foot” of Glenn Lake. Didn’t take all that many photos as compared to my usual bombardment.

Packing up in the dark for a 6:33am start…

We took a last stop over to the southern shore of Waterton Lake. I love this place.

It was a big brutal hike up to Stoney Indian Pass again. Rather than a mix of light and shadow, things were pretty much lit up this go around. And no matter how much I try, I’m still not great at skipping stones.

video credit @carollcoyne

Same with the waterfalls and lake views and such on the way down the other side. We’d hiked in the morning and this time it was around midday. Had a very different feel…

Around 2:30pm or so we got up and down the steepest part, which left mostly cruisy gentle up and down. I had thought maybe I’d swim when we got to the head of Glenn Lake, but clouds started rolling in. Even got a few rain drops, so passed on the swim. And then we booked it to camp getting there around 4:18pm.

I think the sun earlier in the day might’ve cooked me some because I was a bit tired and a bit grumpy. We got our food and smelly items hung, then set up our tents (rain fly tonight), and then Cheer and went out to sit on the rocky beach. It was windy most of the day today and especially so on the shore. But, the feel of things was calm.

We chatted about her CDT experience ending and all the things she’s got coming up. Talked about potential ideas for fun stuff to come and it was all nice. Unfortunately though, while we were enjoying the moment, it seemed the smoke was getting worse and worse. Was worried for a bit, but it cleared up after a while. Wind must have changed directions.

It was still only 5:30pm-ish, so the sun shouldn’t look like it’s setting…

Cheer went back to her tent around 5:45pm, but I hung out on the windy shore. Snickers joined and I waded out to get our bottles filled. Then we all gathered to have our last dinner together out in the wilds for a while. Pretty sure we all had ramen bombs. Quite appropriate for our last night. They never seem to get old. Plus, I added some Chex Mix into mine for a fantastic crunchy treat.

photo credit @ carollcoyne

There were many section hiker groups at camp with us and the food hang pole was a bit crowded. Just the strings awaiting the bags…

Afterwards, we joined a few others out by the lake to watch some color sunset activities going on. Very pretty and a fitting way to end our last night in Glacier!

Albums of the Day

“Paper Walls” – Yellowcard (2007)

“Throwing Copper” – Live (1994)

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