CDT Bonus Post – What Now?

Operation Oreo

During my 2019 PCT trek, I came up with an image for the sort of flip flop way in which I completed the trail. It had something to do with Oreos because I’d done a southern chunk, then jumped ahead and went into Canada, and then went back and finished up the middle. Three parts, just like an Oreo…

I had (have) no idea how my CDT adventure would (will) shake out, but it just so happens, I’ll be shooting to pull off the same maneuver… Operation Oreo. Here’s a little break down of what I’ve done and what’s still to go:

  • April 12 – May 24: Hiked solo starting at the Mexican border north through New Mexico to about 18 miles into Southern Colorado (approx. 724 miles)
  • May 25 – June 21: Took some time off trail back in Michigan. Lovely being with the fam.
  • June 22 – Sept. 8: Hiked with Cheer and Snickers north starting in Rawlins, Wyoming to the Canadian border (1,284 miles)

So what’s still left? Well… quite a sizable chunk still to go in the middle:

  • Sept. 9 – ???: I plan to hike solo going south starting in Rawlins, Wyoming and will aim to connect back where I turned around in Southern Colorado (approx. 820 miles).

Similarly to when I went back for the last stretch on the PCT, I’ve left myself arguably the toughest trail and certainly the highest elevation. I’ll also be trying to outrun winter again. Last time it worked out, but I have more miles to cover this go around. And unlike last time, I’ll be setting out hiking alone rather than with hiker fam members Cheer and Calzone.

And how am I getting down there anyways, you might be asking. Well same way as on the PCT, sort of. I’m hitching a ride with Dave H and Sheryl. Last time they had a rental car, picked me up in Canada and we road tripped down through Washington, Oregon, and into Northern California. Took us something like three or four days. This time, they’ve got there super truck and camper trailer rig and we plan to head south through Montana and most of Wyoming with the goal of reaching Rawlins. Not sure how long it’ll take and not sure our itinerary other than were making a pit stop in Bozeman, Montana to drop Cheer off (where she’ll fly home from) and likely visit the REI as well.

So, those are the dets. I’m gonna give it a go and we’ll just see how long I can keep hiking for. I’m heading into it quite aware that the weather will hit eventually and I’ll likely call it then, but who knows, maybe I can still pull off this CDT thing this season!

And in the transition here, I’m pumped for what should be a fun road trip with the rents.

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