CDT Day 113 (MT – E. Glacier)

Permits, Parents, and Preparations

Snickers and I got up in time to be picked up by Dave H at 7:00am. We were ready and the three of us set out back the way dad had come towards Two Medicine Campground, which is the closest ranger station where we can acquire backcountry wilderness permits. That was our goal this morning. Dad had coffee, which was a great treat.

As we pulled up, there were other hikers already in line, many of which appeared to be CDT hikers.

Turns out, I knew the four CDT ‘ers out there… Cruze Control, Pig Pen and Teva, and Diva who I only briefly met in Chama, New Mexico. It was great fun chatting. The other folks were all just backpackers doing overnight trails in the park. Dad and I talked a good while with two guys behind us who were hiking the northern section of Glacier, which sounded cool.

In the permit office, Snickers and I worked things out with the ranger to make a plan to get us to the border. In the end, we were pretty happy with it. We got campsites to get us to the Waterton Lakes area border with Canada. The only slight hiccup was one long day in the middle that’ll be tough. The rest of the days were quite reasonable mileage and some that were nice and short even for thru-hiker standards.

Afterwards, we picked up Mother Sheryl from the camper trailer and headed back to the hostel. We dropped Snickers off there and it was off to breakfast with the parents at the “World Famous” Whistle Stop Restaurant. It was nice to get a chance and talk without the hiker stuff going on. About their drive out, ongoings back home, and also tell them some of my latest trail stories. I opted for the huckleberry-filled French toast…

After our lovely breakfast outing, we made it back to the hostel and connected with Cheer. Since this is her and Snickers’ last stretch, there’s some logistics that need to be figured out as far as getting back home and fortunately, the Hoekwater team’s plan might just align with the first leg of Cheer’s. So, we talked through some of that before mom and dad took off for their first Glacier Park outing.

Also before they left, I grabbed a plastic bin/container from their truck that I’d packed months ago and labeled, “Things for Trail.” It was phenomenal. Lots of goodies. Additionally they hooked me up with some fancy dehydrated meals and real clothes! Felt weird having so much stuff.

The first big task for me was figuring out my food for the hike. Back when I had the Covid in Helena, I’d packed and shipped a resupply box right to the hostel address. It was packed pretty good for the days we expected to be out. While Snickers and I organized our stuff, Cheer volunteered to do laundry. I finally showered and it was amazing. Guess I was stinky there for a while.

Throughout the day, so many hikers showed up! Like 30 maybe. Unreal. Made us so happy we got in yesterday and got our permits before this mad rush. Here’s the owner Luna and her kids giving the new batch of hikers a tour around the place…

In the afternoon, Fix It and Cheer and I spent a good amount of time outside Brownies eating and drinking and chatting.

It was quite relaxed. Enjoyed talking to some Glacier tourists out on the patio, and then eventually we moved to Serrano’s along with Snickers and Bird. Mom and dad met us and from the sounds of it they found an awesome waterfall hike complete with moose and grouse.

After dinner, I gave back the “Things for Trail” bin from home and then said bye bye to ma and pa again. It was time to finalize stuff for hiking out early the next morning.

The Looking Glass Hostel had a completely different feel than the night before when it was calm and quiet with only 5 or so total hikers. It was nice meeting more people. Some had finished, but most were moving on to finish! So overall, lots of excitement as well as celebrations. At 9:30pm, when I left to go out to my tent, there was a group in the kitchen chefing up some bacon, eggs, and veggies while chatting animatedly and having a few adult beverages. Happy there was a quiet backyard to retreat to and get some sleep!


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