CDT Day 112 (MT – Augusta to E. Glacier)

Excellent Guests in East Glacier

  • CDT Miles: 2,860.7-2,876.8 (16.1)
  • Total Hiked: 1,906.7 miles
  • Elevation Range: 4,780-5,950 feet

We got going at 6:30am. Snickers, with his bell jingling away, led the pack. It only took about 15 minutes to make our way down near Highway 2 and Summit Campground. There was a nice view of a particularly pointy mountain I’d seen atop Running Owl yesterday…

I got to fill up water from an actual spigot and then we made our way across the road and then across some train tracks. The train was loud and we had been hearing it last night all the way up at our camp.

On the other side of the tracks, we entered into the forest still heading straight for the  pyramid shaped mountain. Nearing it’s base, we took a right and sort of followed that line all the way for the rest of today.

It was tough to figure out if we were within the park boundary or something else and then we saw this sign…

I guess we’d been in the park and entered into the Blackfeet Nation.

We got in to E. Glacier around 2:30pm and even before figuring out our lodging, we stopped at Brownies Bakery and Deli for snacks. I went for an ice cold Vanilla Coca-Cola classic.

After some hanging and sitting for maybe a half hour, all things in the universe seemed to come together and align. You see, visitors from the far away lands of Michigan appeared right in front of us and parked their truck and camper trailer in the lot adjacent to the building. Two folks got out of the truck and walked over. Super hikers they were. Alas, it was none other than Dave H “Master Trailsman” and “Super Strider” Sheryl!


I bet none of you saw this coming. Indeed, my parents decided this was a nice time to visit Glacier National Park, arriving perfectly in time to see us off before our last Northern Montana stretch. The scheme they and I had concocted involved them touring around seeing the park’s beauty whilst we backpacked our section. We’d reunite upon exiting the wilderness up at the highway near the Canadian border and then get a ride back to civilization. Pretty awesome, right!?

So after some chit-chatting and catching up, I believe I hopped in with the rents and we went to see if we could find them a campsite to stay. Snickers and Cheer headed down the road to check out the Looking Glass Hostel, which we’d heard is an exceptionally hiker friendly place to stay.

A lot of the campgrounds in Glacier NP are ones you either reserve fsr in advance or there are “walk up” sites that are first come first serve. The amazing thing was, we just drove into the Two Medicine campground and they got a spot. Took some time to set up and r adjust because there was a ranger floating around being very picky about our setup positioning and such, but all was well. I even stopped over to the ranger and got some info. to help with our backcountry permit research. So, we were just getting things done y’all.

After all that, we drove the half hour-ish back to E. Glacier, got to see the hostel, and then the five of us went to dinner at Serrano’s Mexican Restaurant. It was good food and drinks, good convo., and just a wonderful way to spend the evening with each other.

Check out these nachos!

And no, this wasn’t a plate to share, I ate this as my personal meal haha.

After dinner, Dave H and Sheryl went to get things situated in the camper for the night and us CDT’ers got to setting up our tents. There were only a few of us staying at the hostel tonight, so could have slept inside on the floor, but I tend to sleep better in my tent honestly. The short story of this place is that Luna, the amazing owner, used to manage a restaurant out of the property and over the past few years has started opening it up to hikers and travelers and converting it into a hostel. It’s pretty amazing in my opinion and perfect for us thru-hikers. Plus, the location is ideal being a central point before taking the 100+ miles in Glacier NP.

Apart from doing some research regarding our permits (in Glacier you have to reserve specific tenting areas each night), it was a pretty relaxed evening. I may have made some moves to get ready for trail, but we planned to zero tomorrow, so mostly I left my town tasks for the next day.


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