CDT Day 110 (MT – Augusta to E. Glacier)

Bobbo Series – Ep. 4 “Reunion & Departure”

  • Spotted Bear Alt.: 23.5-27.9  (4.4)
  • CDT Miles: 2,815.2-2,833.8 (18.6)
  • Total Hiked: 1,864.3 miles
  • Elevation Range: 5,280-6,300 feet

“The Snake and the Sand, the Priest, the Payette… The Lolo, the Bravo, the San Bernadette. And I’m tired, but I still got one left in me yet.One more river to cross.” – Bob Weir

Yesterday, I didn’t see any other people. As remote as the CDT is, that doesn’t happen often and in fact, this is one of the few times I think it’s occurred actually.

I remember in the final Harry Potter book during the time when Ron, Hermione and Harry are camping and moving around, there’s a quote about how a full stomach meant happiness and optimism (or something similar) and when hungry, things felt dark and gloomy. I think this is very true for me and I’d also add that at night when it’s cold, rainy, and dark things tend to feel gloomy, but in the morning sunshine, there’s hope. I didn’t get sunshine right away yet, but I did awake to it being clear and drier and there was the hope of sunshine later. That was enough to brighten my mood!

Here’s my stupid lumpy downhill spot that in the end did just fine….

I got hiking at 7:15am. I was happy with my decision to give myself an extra 45 mins of sleep and time for the sun to come up. Sometimes when you settle for a crummy tent site you wake up and getting going only to find a beautiful one just a bit farther up. That was not the case today. The morning hike started out with a continuation of yesterdays thick fully vegetated ground covered forest and there weren’t many uncovered spots in general, let alone flat.

Thankfully, it must not have continued raining overnight, because things seemed to have dried some. I didn’t get a full car wash when going through, just enough to keep those shoes and socks soaked.

I kept a steady pace to keep warm, only stopping to take a few pics and vids. Here’s another grouse bird/Montana chicken taking flight…

After an hour of walking, I reached the Middle Fork Flathead River. It was a “get your feet wet” crossing as opposed to a “rock hop” crossing and on the other side I stopped to fill up and filter some water.

I have cold soaked oatmeal and cold brew instant coffee planned for each day on this stretch. I like to think I’m fancy and say that my cold brew coffee is specialty sourced and filtered from the pristine waters of the waters of wherever I fill up, the Middle Fork Flathead River in this case. I think I could start a business on this. I mean people get all pumped up about where the coffee beans come from, why not the water, eh?

Just up ahead, I found this cabin that was closed for the season. They call their forest service cabins, “guard stations” for some reason.

Leaving here, the trail traversed the side of the river valley where it started sloping up high. Nice trail!

I’ve been trying to be better at taking time to look back, see what the sobo’s see…

I ended up taking second breakfast right along trail with a backrest against a dead log. The river in the next pic was nearby, but didn’t have a view of it sadly…

A lot of burned area today. Tall burned spires. And bald looking mountains surrounding…

This red plant stopped me right in my tracks. Even backed up to check it out. Just stuck out to me in a sea of green, one red plant…

About 10 feet away, some small scale stuff. Not the greatest of pictures though. You can’t really tell, but this little growth was part of a decomposing log.

Nearing lunch, I looked on my app to seeing if there were any icons that might have comments for a stream, or campsite, or view that might be a good place for a break. Sometimes this pans out, sometimes it doesn’t. I spotted a campsite near the crossing of Strawberry Creek, which seemed to have potential. Just before this potential lunch locale, however, I spotted a Cheer and a Snickers don’t ya know. I’d caught up! And they were just starting to set out there stuff to dry, something I was also planning to do at lunch.

It was fun catching up, hearing about their experience whilst apart and telling my tale as well. And… We got all our stuff dry! A great feeling. I did a full pack dump and even got my sleeping bag out since it felt like the down feathers had been a bit clumpy and damp last night. We ate lunch there too.

Once going, we did cross Strawberry Creek where I filled up some water. Then, it was a pretty continuous burned area hike for a while…

A few live ones survived the fire…

And this CDT sign sort of survived…

In the later afternoon, we got some unexpected and unwelcome downed trees over the trail. We’d gotten some intel from sobo’ers about different trails so as to avoid stuff like this (that was the main reason for the Spotted Bear Alternate the other day), but I suppose it’s impossible to miss all of them.

Also unexpected, at least for me, was that we apparently left the Bob Marshall Wilderness…

So yeah, I thought that the Bob went right up to Glacier NP, but I guess not. So, 5pm onward we hiked through some other area. No idea if it’s National Forest or some other land designation, but it got green and overgrown. With just a few miles left to go til the campsite we were eyeing, we got a view of Blue Lake…

Didn’t have much of a blue hue if you ask me. Pretty nice though. And there were some ducks swimming around down there. We hung out for a few minutes, then, wanting to get into camp at a good time, got to scooting. As we neared camp, the forest finally opened up enough to get a few glimpses to either side. It appears we were in a canyon of sorts with tall mountains on both sides…

We rolled in to camp around 6:45am right at a split of Elbow Creek. It was perfect. Flat spots, water, views of mountains towering above. And most importantly… dry!!! I know I’m making a big deal about this and it really hasn’t been that bad, but last night got to me, and I was absolutely loving being in early and in my tent and cozy. Hallelujah!

Dinner time…

Bear hanging time (right next to the trail)…

And sleepy time…

Albums of the Day

“Blue Mountain” – Bob Weir (2016)

“One Fast Move Or I’m Gone Music From Jack Kerouac’s Big Sur” – Jay Farrar & Benjamin Gibbard (2009)

Podcast of the Day

“Trusting The Bible” – John Dickson (Ada Bible Church: The Bible Series)

One thought on “CDT Day 110 (MT – Augusta to E. Glacier)

  1. jimnewheights

    I saw a tee pee on one of your pictures on trail in the forest. Did you
    build the tee pee for a quick lunch break or was the tee pee an escape from the


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