CDT Day 109 (MT – Augusta to E. Glacier)

Bobbo Series: Ep. 3 “The Other Wall”

  • CDT Miles: 2,782.4-2,800.4 (18)
  • N. Wall Connector: 2 miles
  • Spotted Bear Alt.: 16.9-23.5 (6.6)
  • Total Hiked: 1,841.3 miles
  • Elevation Range: 5,395-8,150 feet

"Stood alone on a mountain top
Starin' out at the Great Divide.
I could go East, I could go West
It was all up to me to decide.
Just then I saw a young hawk flyin'
And my soul began to rise.
And pretty soon
My heart was singin'

Roll, roll me away,
I'm gonna roll me away tonight.
Gotta keep rollin', gotta keep ridin',
Keep searching 'til I find what's right."
- Bob Seger ("Roll Me Away")

Well things didn’t really dry out overnight like I’d hoped. Maybe it rained at some point while I was sleeping or maybe there’s just so much water in the vegetation and in the air, but everything was just as wet as last night after the rain.

It was too dark to take pictures of my spot last night and I packed up before remembering this morning, but here’s where I camped…

I was getting pretty desperate last night, but got lucky with a perfect flat area and a bonus opening up with nice views. Once going, I had a little less than a mile to an icon on my app labeled “Sharp Turn!” Didn’t want to miss it, so was paying close attention. At the same time though, pretty distracted by the awesome morning setting with the lightning and the openness…

At the sharp turn I had to go just a little past to get this amazing view and pre-sunrise. Wow!

The next few miles had a uniquely wild feel to them. I kept thinking this was where I was going to see a bear. Keeping my head on a swivel, I tripped over rocks several times because I was too busy scanning the horizon when I should’ve be watching where I was going.

Looking back…

I was loving the openness. It didn’t last though. After filling up some water for cold soaking my oatmeal, I entered into a pretty thick (and still wet) forest. It seemed like I was in there for a few miles, climbing upwards. Right around the time I typically take a second breakfast break, I popped out to this!

Figured that was a pretty good spot.

The clouds were still blowing over the wall similar to the day before. Another time lapse attempt…

I even set my tent fly out to try and dry some. The puffy clouds mixed with sun gaps seemed to be continuing would end up being that way the rest of the day too. I tried to keep my break a little shorter than normal since wanting to cover bigger miles and catch the team. It might’ve been around a half hour or so. Then, some awesome hiking at the foot of the wall again. I think this one is called the “North Wall?”

The trees were quite tall and skinny, but full. Had an impressive feel to them.

I took a silly amount of pictures today and most of them are of the amazing tiered rock wall structures…

I did manage to finally get one of the startling grouse birds on film. Even in slow-mo…

Not sure the feelings about my time lapses. Good or bad? I tried another one here to give a better feel for what the trail looks like…

Looking away from “the wall” was also very pretty. Big mountains and big valleys…

Some dead stuff, but a good amount of healthy stuff too…

Looking back where I came from…

A shot looking ahead. You can see the trail down there where I’ll be heading…

And some pictures looking up…

Well, this was still all pre-lunch. Told you I took a silly amount of pictures. Here’s lunch and dry out and oh, a little critter. It was a great spot to dry things out!

At 3:16pm, I snapped this selfie, then started up the steep trail that connects the red line and the Spotted Bear Alternate. I think it was called the N. Wall Trail…

Up. Up for 1.3 miles and maybe 1,400 feet elevation gain. Yowzers…

Views along the way…

Made it to the top and was loving it. I now had a relaxing walk down to connect to the alternate and pretty awesome stuff this side of the Divide too…

Here’s at Switchback Pass and it was down from there…

Down, but then up a little to get to Dean Lake… not the Dean Lake in north G.R. known for its “monster” Northern Pike caught through the ice 😉

Next up on this awesome day was some hiking along this edge…

I decided to eat dinner before camp again and as I was packing up quickly, having seen the clouds rolling in, it started to rain again. You may be picking up on the pattern here.

Such an amazing day til packing up at dinner. Rain was fine and I was fine dealing with it while hiking, but got to admit that things went south when I couldn’t find a spot to camp. Frustrated, I consented and set up in dumb spot at 8:15pm-ish and it was getting dark when hanging food. Once inside the tent, everything seemed damp. Of course set up during the crescendo of rain and afterwards it settled down almost completely. Also inside I discovered how very lumpy my spot was. There was a small pine tree in my vestibule as well. Pretty much my worst tent spot on the CDT, but it works!

Might be a little bit before I’m able to drop the next posts, but fret ye not, the trail continues north!

Albums of the Day

“Greatest Hits” – Bob Seger (1994)

“Boys” – Caamp (2018)


3 thoughts on “CDT Day 109 (MT – Augusta to E. Glacier)

  1. I can’t imagine walking alone through such a vast wilderness. I’d feel so small, so insignificant, and maybe even a bit of fear. The scenery is beautiful, but also so wild and untamed. I don’t think I’ve ever experienced such isolation in my life. I hope this solo trip is meaningful, and I hope there is joy in the reunion with friends.

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