CDT Day 102 (MT – Helena to Augusta)

Manifesting Momentum Marveling At Mounds

  • CDT Miles: 2,662.6-2,686.2 (23.6)
  • Total Hiked: 1,721.4 miles
  • Elevation Range: 5,620-7,335 feet

Today had many of the makings of a particularly memorable day on trail… some beautiful scenery of course, a bit of weather, and a few interesting wildlife sitings. I knew going into it that I was in for a test. Snickers was still out in front like Bobby Boucher, and I’d told Cheer that I was feeling good enough to try for a full mileage day. There looked to be only a few water sources and either way we strategized it, we were going to be carrying heavy water and doing big miles.

6:31am, Team Cheer and Stevie Wonder were on the trail. It was some rough hiking in the morning again. Slow on the uphill. Somewhere in the 8:30-9am range though, I started feeling better again though.

“Organized Chaos Packing Up”
“Pinkish Hue on the Horizon”
“Oh, Hey Sun”
“Through Fields of Gold”
“And Tall Straight Skinny Trees”
“Morning Sunshine Glow”
“Them Rolling Hills”
“I Spy With My Little Eye…A Fear Inducing Grouse”

In the morning stretch, we got into some pretty deep talks. Chatting about things for future Cheer and future Stevie, what each of us hopes for, and how we might make those ideas a reality. Meditation, manifesting, and motivation seemed to be some themes, basically getting a clearer understanding on our desires and “goals” (for lack of better word) and envisioning them as actually coming to fruition.

While chatting away, we heard some commotion on the other side of a small ridge. Seconds later, there was a Black Bear running through the forest, away from us, very majestic and beautiful looking.

A bit further ahead, we had breakfast break in a burned area, then onward…

“Most Wonderful Boulder”
“Clear Cool Springy Leaf Water”
“I Saw the Sign”
“The Stairway to Heaven?”
“View Looking Down On Flesher”

After lunch hiking…

“Over the Hill”
“Lovely Trail, Lovely Rocks”
“More Ridgeling Open Walking”

Around 4:00pm or so we started hearing thunder. We stopped in the trees and looking ahead we could see our trail going along a ridge that was open with no wind or lightning protection. So… we took a break and tried to let the worst roll through. Then, around 4:30pm, we went for it!

“Into the Great Wide Open”
“Sunshine and Shadow”
“Really Fast Cheer Walking”
“Leaning Dead Tree With A View”
“30% Chance It’s Already Raining”
“Cairn You Feel It?”
“Keeping It North”
“Rays From Above”
“Picturesque Panorama”
“Stark and Vast and Beautiful”
“The Rugged Cliffs Above Rogers”
“Down We Go”
“Chilly Willy”
“Our Savior the Bear Box”

So we didn’t get down to the Rogers Pass parking area (and the water source nearby that we needed) until around 7:45pm or so. We were happy to find some flat spots and set up right away. It did rain on us some but stayed pretty light for the most part. And we were so thankful for a tree to shelter us during dinner and the bear box so we didn’t have to hang stuff tonight.

One other thing that was pretty neat about this stretch to me was it’s connectedness to the book I finished recently, “A River Runs Through It.” Rogers Pass is mentioned a few times and from looking at the map the waters in the streams and creeks that flow out of these mountains are all tributaries to the Big Blackfoot River nearby. Really got me feeling like I was in the area where the legendary stories took place.

I had a blast today!

Albums of the Day

“Viva La Vida or Death and All His Friends” – Coldplay (2008)

“Rarities” – The Goo Goo Dolls (2021)

“Collective Soul” – Collective Soul (1995)

Podcast of the Day

“March 11 2020 (S8E1)” – 30 For 30 Podcasts

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