CDT Day 89 (MT – Darby to Anaconda)

Frosty Morn, Gentle Day, Moody Late

  • CDT Miles: 2,367.7-2,390.1 (22.4)
  • Total Hiked: 1,511 miles
  • Elevation Range: 7,270-8720 feet

Overall, it was a pretty good day of hiking. As my title suggests, things were a bit cold this morning, especially in the low areas. One such area, a meadow where Cheer and I filled up some water from, displayed some frost even… In early August! We aren’t even that high elevation here. I guess we are in the north, and as House Stark says, “winter is coming.” I think we’re in pretty good shape for getting up to Canada, probably colder and colder mornings though. As of now I’m still planning to try for Colorado afterwards… that might get chilly.

Late morning things warmed up and it got pretty hot actually. Rather sweaty I became. We cruised with some mellow terrain. Around midday we came into a short section of some cool rock with lots of mica. Had lunch there. And in the afternoon, started gradually climbing and got some views.

Towards the end of the hiking day, we had a steep downhill to our last water source for the day. I’d been groovy up to that point, really enjoyed my music today and in a good mood. It’s crazy how fast that can change and for no real reason either. The downhill wasn’t all that pleasant due to the sudden appearance of lots and lots of downed trees, but honestly I handled that alright. I was up ahead of Snickers and Cheer and let myself slide into thinking about stuff I knew would get me in a bad mood. Anyway, it stuck around and I felt I was being a grump the rest of the night.

We found some flat spots around 7:30pm and set to our camp routine. Hope tomorrow, I’m rejuvenated once again and start feeling it again…

Album of the Day

Bob Weir & Wolf Bros: Live in Colorado

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