CDT Day 75 (ID/MT – W. Yellowstone to Leadore)

Not My Day

  • CDT Miles: 2,090.6-2,117.1 (26.5)
  • Total Hiked: 1,241.9 miles
  • Elevation Range: 7,045-9,175 feet

I’ll be straight with you, today was not my favorite day on trail. Things started out nice enough, had some downhill, saw another moose which was cool, the views were pretty great most of the day, but just was not feeling it. In retrospect, some it might have to do with getting less sleep since I went to bed way later than hiker midnight to watch the 2.5 hour season finale of Stranger Things. Couldn’t stop midway through!

Other than being a bit cranky though the things that got me frustrated were the trail layout of just going straight up and down hills at stupid grades, sometimes there wasn’t trail today or the app lied to me and I got off a ways. Sometimes it was quite lumpy and/or slanted which sucks normally and especially when you’re shoes are falling apart.

Hmm what else. It was hot. Lots of overgrown trail. Ok so I guess that sums it up… rough trail conditions. Things did get better at camp though. Got a big day in just by plugging away, and there was good water and a bear food storage box. Even had time to try and sew my shoe holes. We’ll see if the repairs make it through the day tomorrow. Didn’t feel like writing much though, so here’s the pics…

Albums of the Day

“Magpie And the Dandelion” – The Avett Brothers

“Bad Blood” – Bastille

Podcast of the Day

“The Improvement Association (Serial) – Chap 2”

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