CDT Day 67 (WY – Dubois to Old Faithful)

Yellowstone (The Car Wash, Snake, and Heart)

  • CDT Miles: 1,933.5-1,951.6 (18.1)
  • Trail Creek Trail: 1.5 miles
  • Total Hiked: 1,074.9 miles
  • Elevation Range: 7,300-8,815 feet

I got up in the dark and went off to retrieve mine and Cheer’s food bags. Typically, I see Snickers out there already getting his, but didn’t see him this morning. Everything was quite wet from last night’s rain. My tent fly was drenched, but luckily everything underneath seemed mostly dry. The rain really didn’t last all that long. I don’t think anyways. I’ve been sleeping like a rock.

Starting out in the forest…

The trail kicked off with a good amount of steep downhill before opening up to marshy meadow.

Some of it was dry and it was quite lovely really.

We’ve seen stuff like this in recent hiking days, but the bushes seemed to have grown particularly high and wide in this area. The overgrown trail combined with the rain last night created what Snickers coined, “the car wash.” I felt it was quite an apt name seeing as the branches slapped over your entire body while going through, just like the long tentacle-like things in an actual wash.

Not much farther on, we found three hikers coming back on trail from their camp: Denver, Cleansweep, and Overhill. We were doing our singing thing believing our only audience was any potential hiding bears as we approached them, so hope they enjoyed my ” hey bear” version of “Do-Re-Mi.”

These guys are super hikers and cruised on ahead. It was comical watching them go over some tree blow downs. They’re about each about 6 feet five inches and could just step over what take us a few minutes seconds to straddle and nearly impale ourselves on. We were happy they could lead the charge through more car wash bushes and alert any bears up ahead.

Less than 10 minutes later we came out to an opening and saw Denver taking a video of us as we approached an upcoming sign… “Entering Yellowstone National Park.” Woohoo! We made it!

The three sup hikers went on ahead and we wouldn’t see them the rest of the day. After our celebrations we too kept cruising. This side of the park felt marvelous, but really it was much the same as the other side starting out. A little after 8:00am though, we made it to the Snake River and there things seems to get a slightly different majestic-like feel. We even decided to take second breakfast early right their on the bank while drying things out

We’d end up hiking adjacent to the Snake for most of the day. It changed a lot though, starting out meandering through a wide green valley (thought we saw some bears, which turned out to be some tricky boulders), a bit of cascading through a canyon, and then a stretch through some meadow/forest mix. The flowers were awesome too. Quite spectacular in my opinion.

Found this poor guy…

And at lunch, spread out our things to dry. Even enjoyed a Dave H Hibernating Marmot specialty, Tang!

In mid-afternoon we trekked about a mile through this giant flower-filled meadow, and then finally left the Snake to head up along the Heart River.

We crossed the Heart and followed it a ways before crossing again.

On the other side, we had a long break filtering and just hanging. This afternoon had a strange feel to it and at first I couldn’t figure it out. Turns out, we were all just really tired. Yesterday’s climbed must have kicked our butts some and the heat today took its toll as well. Very few clouds.

Alas, we had to cut off the CDT to get to the campsite I’d reserved. When picking it, I’d told my comrades it was an estimated 1 mile off the CDT. I felt bad when I tracked it to be 1.5 miles and uphill a lot of the way. It seems I always underestimate these things. But, we did make it and were happy to find it campable albeit inhabited with several million mosquitos and the creek more of a slowly moving pond. Still, the meadow was pretty…

We’d crushed nearly 20 miles before 6:00pm, which felt good, but as I said, the team was beat. And to top it off, when I looked at our map app during my Pasta Roni dinner, I discovered that I’d again underestimated/miscalculated the distance to our next permit campsite. We’re in for our biggest day out here yet tomorrow (I think), over 25 miles.

We got this! Oh, here’s some mosquitos…

Podcast of the Day

“The Creation of Meaning – Beauvoir”: Philosophize This! Episode #157

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