CDT Day 66 (WY – Dubois to Old Faithful)

Two Oceans and Bear Singing

  • CDT Miles: 1,912.5-1,933.5 (21)
  • Total Hiked: 1,055.3 miles
  • Elevation Range: 7,365-10,085 feet

6:01am Mr. Snickers hit the trail. I followed at 6:03am, and then Cheer in the caboose at 6:04am. Finder was up, but said he’d had a sleep-in and told us to go ahead. Leaving camp it was pretty open so we weren’t too concerned about bears sneaking up on us, at least right away. And, we ended up grouping together pretty quick anyways.

Starting out…

We had less than 2 miles to the North Buffalo Fork. Snickers led and kept up a nearly constant chatter/sing-a-long with himself so as to warn any bears we were coming, especially when the trail got pretty tight amongst bushes and trees and such. Talking loud, singing, saying “hey bear” seemingly at random have become part of our strategy. The idea is to not end up sneaking up on a bear, so if it hears us coming it’ll likely run off before we even see it.

The North Buffalo was pretty wide and had a strong current, but wasn’t super deep. We crossed with no issues and continued on our way.

We had some climbing after the river and bypassed some tree blow downs by going around through the meadows. Finder found us on this uphill section, said hey and that he was shooting for a longer day, and then hiked on ahead. Hopefully we’ll catch up at some point, it was fun hanging with him for a bit.

After getting to the high point, we dropped down and then had some lovely flat meadow crusing via super wide horse trail. At a few points there were about 7 different parallel trails and we thought it must be for racing (or possibly that’s just where the horses decided to walk 😉 ) I tried to get Cheer and Snickers on board for a backpack 100 meter dash, but they weren’t too enthusiastic about this idea. Regardless, we were loving the cruisy trail and took it all the way to breakfast.

I’m cold soaking oatmeal this section. Gross, right? I always thought this stuff would just taste like cold mush, and you know what? I was right. When packing up in the morning, I pour my instant oatmeal packets, a few craisins, and some water into an empty peanut butter jar. Then, at breakfast it’s ready to go. No boiling of water needed. I did decide to heat up some water for coffee still. That was a nice bonus for the day

Leaving breakfast we had another climb up. This one was bigger than the first, but we knew we had a bigger one yet towards the end of the day. Here’s the elevation profile. It’s a little condensed and overly dramatic looking, but gets the picture across… a good bit of climbing today. Right on up above 10,000 feet again.

Pretty awesome stuff…

On the way up, we made our way to North Two Ocean Creek and to a spot labeled “parting of the ways.” Wouldn’t you know it, the creek splits and the two parts drain to different oceans. Theoretically speaking of course. I thought this was pretty awesome and tried to send two wooden boats on their different ocean-bound voyages, but it didn’t really turn out as planned.

The third big uphill was a tough one. No doubt about it. Steep and, well, just steep. That’s all you need to make it tough. We took lunch in the middle, which helped. And also got the tunes going. Towards the top, I had some particularly good jams. It’s amazing how much music helps to get me up the hill.

Looking back…

At the top, we all reunited having gotten a bit separated on the climb. Also joining were Denver and Cleansweep, having caught us due to their super speeds. It was a fun moment taking a short break with them before they hiked on ahead. We even had a view of the Tetons, hazy but still pretty amazing and jagged looking. Snickers used an app he has to identify that the tallest pointiest one on the left is the Grand Teton…

The trail stayed up high only a short bit. We filled up and filtered water at this lake and then began a steep decline back down.

Clouds were building up higher and higher and getting darker. We decided to take an early dinner around 5:00pm. Snickers had a puncture in his shoe from blown down tree step over gone wrong and thought maybe his foot was bleeding, so that was on the docket as well during our break. Turns out it wasn’t as bad as he thought. As we were eating, we heard thunder, and then a bit later the first few big fat rain drops.

We all started packing up. I still hadn’t finished my Knorr chicken flavored rice and pasta blend with bacon bits, so once in my rain stuff and packed, just finished eating. It was pretty light rain. I then packed it away and we started hiking again.

After dinner, we trekked along near a meadow with tall bushes again. Sang and chatted with the potential bears that might be hiding, and then made one final push for the day up to our camp. Using the tune of “Hey Jude,” our version became, “Hey Bear” and all the remaining lyric were also “Hey Bear” as well.

Mosquitos got bad during bear hanging as usual, but we’re pretty used to that by now. We actually got to camp at 6:45pm tonight, the earliest in a long time having hiked mostly til after 8:00pm and sometimes 830pm before making camp. So very nice to be inside the tent and have some time to relax and actually write about the day on here.

I took a few more pictures and even a time lapse, but my phone started acting up and must not have saved them. It was weird. The time and date for my phone messed up too for some reason. Guess we went through a cyber vortex. Anyway, I was proud of our hike today and felt like we crushed it, even surpassing our goal of 20 miles.

Albums of the Day

“Unplugged” by Third Eye Blind and “”Lifeforms” by Angels and Airwaves

3 thoughts on “CDT Day 66 (WY – Dubois to Old Faithful)

  1. jimnewheights

    Crushing It. That would be a trail name. This was another beautiful
    presentation of the joys of thru hiking.
    My brother Jack and his wife Henriette will be in Glacier National Park
    in two weeks. When are you passing thru Glacier? I think they will be
    contacting you. We talked about the Stevie Wonder tramily yesterday.
    Hope you all can meet up somewhere.


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