CDT Day 62 (WY – Pinedale to Dubois)

Openness and Meadows and Such

  • CDT Miles: 1,846.3-1,852.8 and 1,858.6- 1,866.3 (14.2)
  • Leeds Creek Alt.: 6.1 miles
  • Total Hiked: 993.3
  • Elevation Range: 9,020-9,850

Another very pleasant morning of walking. I guess I’m realizing that I enjoy those first hours a lot. Today, we got talking about all sorts of matters… politics, people, bit of religion and spirituality stuff, issues of the world, etc…

We also saw some more hikers, Cleansweep and Over hill. Had a nice Convo with them at our second breakfast stop before they went on by.

All three of us opted to take the Leeds Creek alternate, which is about the same mileage as the CDT but takes a two track up higher in with some expansive views. I personally was loving it and had an engaging podcast to keep those deeper thoughts a percolating.

Overall, not the most glamorous day out here, but still quite awesome. And, still quite exhausted at the end and of it. And still loving being out here.

Breaking camp…

And getting going…

At one point, we popped out here in the middle of this RV/ATV gathering of all gatherings.

Only thing, not a person to be seen. Suppose it was early, but with about 14 massive motorhomes and such, you’d have think kids would’ve been running around. Strange. We moved onward…

Lake of the Woods…

Let the alternate begin…

Socially distanced Tetons…

Cold brew (coffee not beer) in a bottle…

Wide open spaces…

And we’re back (on the CDT)…

Very smoothly rounded stones around these parts…

Podcast of the Day

The Liturgists Podcast – ” Church of the Wild: Victoria Loorz”

2 thoughts on “CDT Day 62 (WY – Pinedale to Dubois)

  1. jimnewheights

    Great rendition of the Wind River Range. I had no idea of the
    amazing sights available to the persistent. And to think you have
    the Tetons and Yellowstone ahead. How exciting.

    Liked by 1 person

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