CDT Day 58 (WY – Pinedale)

Zero Day in Pinedale

My morning plan was to walk down the road to Heart &Soul Cafe. Hadn’t really thought much beyond that. Snickers had already hit the town well before my waking, but Cheer and I got up and going around the same time. Yesterday, she got her tent supplies for repair from Big Agnes and so we decided to take care of that right away. Took a little finagling, but we overcame all obstacles and it seems she’s back in action. Going forward, she’ll be back in her Copper Spur tent and I’ll return to Tanya the Tenacious Tiger Wall!

We invited Wingnut to join for breakfast and the three of us took of together. I’m sure I’ve talked about how breakfast is my favorite on here before. Getting together with friends, relaxed setting, chatting, telling and hearing stories. I really enjoyed this setting and moment. And Wingnut reminds me a lot of my friend Kool-Aid from the PCT, been around the world and has amazing stories. Working in the fishing industry in Alaska to to wanderings in South America to the bushwhacking along the Pacific Northwest Trail… I was intrigued. Snickers and another hiker Hyde joined eventually too.

One thing that became very apparent during our chatting at breakfast is that Wingnut and Hyde are on a different level or at least take a different style of backpacking than the three of us. They’re at the front of the lack having gone all the way through from the Mexican border and are hiking fast, like averaging 30-mile days and when I asked, a 65-mile day as a personal best. So it’s been fun comparing our different approaches to this thru-hiking thing.

After breakfast, Snickers and I visited the local thrift store and I ended up getting a new shirt to hike in. Sadly, my blue gem, the Columbia OG from the PCT seems to be falling apart fast now. The threads have been worn thin and holes are breaking out all over despite Cheer kindly trying to patch it back in Lander. I’m pretty excited about my new $2 shirt sleeve edition though. It is 100% cotton, some I’m testing out what folks say that cotton is the worst for sweating and drying and stuff.

We had originally thought of getting back on trail today, but during breakfast had made the decision to once again take a full day to get stuff done. The only hiccup was that our hostel bunks were booked up for the night, so we had to get out and move to a park in town where they allow tenting. It was actually pretty nice and there were many touring bikes since this town is a hub for the great divide bike trail, south to north, and I think the Transamerica too, east to west. We met Jean-Luc from France and he joined us for dinner at the Wrangler Restaurant. Another fun town experience getting to hear his tales a bit and some about hiking in France’s Pyrenees Mountains and in the Himalayas.

Throughout all that we each managed to get our food for the next stretch and whatever gear we need. The day ended with us hanging at our picnic table and squaring away all our expenses where we’ve paid as a group and such. Also got a neck tatt (might be temporary might be permanent, who knows). “Lend a Hand, Care for the Land”.

It was nice and relaxing and I think we’re all ready to hitch and hike out tomorrow morning!

One thought on “CDT Day 58 (WY – Pinedale)

  1. Sherry Hoekwater

    I can’t believe your blue gem is giving it up. It was suppose to go all the way!
    I need a good picture of your cotton replacement.
    And about that tattoo… 🤨
    I’m liking the message though.

    Liked by 1 person

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