CDT Day 56 (WY – Lander to Pinedale)

Malicious Murderous Mosquitos and a Hat

  • CDT Miles: 1,779.6-1,796.1 (16.5)
  • Total Hiked: 920.1 miles
  • Elevation Range: 9,765-10,855

Another beautiful day in the Winds. I don’t know if anybody calls these mountains by that name, but seems like a nice abbreviation that we’ve adapted.

Like yesterday, we were treated to lake after lake and always with beautiful forests and mountain views. The terrain seemed quite a bit more up and down today and usually at the bottom of the down there was a stream, creek, or river to cross. These were wider today, which caused a good many wades across. Thankfully, none were rushing too fast or too deep, but walking in wet shoes and socks isn’t always fun. And it’s heavy til they dry out. Problem was, when they’d finally dry, we’d have another crossing.

Another challenge for today was the mosquitos. Oye! It’s been a rough go since we first started seeing these buggers in the basin, but today was the worst. Or at least it was the most extended onslaught and wore us down. Untill today, I thought I’d figured the pattern was bad in the morning til about 10am and then bad in the evening again starting around 4 or 5pm. Today, it was all day. Didn’t matter in forest or open air, wind, no wind, high, low. Just relentless and it wore us down. The over-abundance of water and just the season we’re in has much to do with it I’m sure.

A big part of the day was making it to and getting over Hat Pass. We didn’t really know what this was going to be not having heard any reports about snow conditions. Turns out, not too bad and super beautiful. We even got some cell service up there and had lunch while each of us got caught up a bit.

Towards the end of the day we had a bit of rollercoaster ups and downs that also did us in. I’ve been feeling pretty good with my tiger blood that I had infused (my iron treatments I got), but maybe today the skeeters sucked it right out of me or something. Very tiring, but even so, this is a different kind of tired and I feel 100% better than back at the end of New Mexico when I took my trail hiatus.

Once again, we found an amazing tent site. This one might have been my fav yet. Lakes down below and surrounded up above by steep tower-like mountains. I did have a mishap with my bear hang, got it stuck for a good while, which was extremely frustrating. Eventually, I got it unstuck and on then on try number three got it ok.

Here be the pics…

First time doing straight mashed potatoes since San Jacinto on the PCT (pretty sure). Not as bad as I remember…

Quote of the Day

“Death to all bugs!” – Snickers

Album of the Day

“See The World” – Brett Dennen

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