CDT Day 48 (WY – Rawlins to Lander)

Take Me To The River

  • CDT Miles: 1,680.4-1,704.8 (24.4)
  • Total Hiked: 827.7
  • Elevation Range: 6,750-7,500

We didn’t get going from our water cache campsite until 6:41am. We were up and moving like the days before, but filled up water and then were chatting about water sources later on in the day. My app reported one 4.4, 10.3, and 16 miles away. Cheer and Snickers’ showed the same except the last one was at 14 miles on their app for some odd reason. Figured we’d deal with that later on.

Felt a little off this morning at first. I set out first and just did some cruising. All downhill. Very peaceful and good for thinking.

Here’s another time lapse attempt. Not much change. Cruising.

A little after 8:00am, I neared a crest that on the other side led down to a water source. I went slow wanting to see if I could spot any Pronghorn before they saw me. Sure enough, I saw one down by the creek and then one much closer to me. Got a pretty cool video. If you listen closer you can hear me take a step forward which is when it hears me and takes off running…

A bit after this I stopped and the others caught up. We had a nice break there. Talking, reminiscing about the things of the past, and sharing stories and insights into our upbringing and such. The morning walk seemed to have cleared my head. Once going again, we enjoyed watching the cows down in the grassy valley.

At our sit down breakfast spot a bit later, the ticks struck again. Cheer kept her cool and let me get a photo of the nasty thing. I actually found one on my stomach last night when in my tent too. Same look and color. If you’re grossed out by these buggers, think how disturbed we are, thinking every little scratch or itch on our bodies is one. Ugh.

Cheer has a full body mosquito suit, so she kept it at bay. Onward we hiked through some particularly flat stuff.

Then got into some spots with a few boulders and rock outcrops.

The rest of the day was pretty hot. At lunch, Cheer and I made an attempt to construct a shade shelter using a tent rain fly. It’s questionable whether it was a success or not. Dave H would’ve been deeply ashamed with my efforts and we could have used him and his experience in constructing many a tarp lean-to in his day. Snickers kept it simple and just draped his tent ground cover over a post. That seemed to work well for him.

Other events of the day were that we joined up with the Oregon Trail, California Trail (not really familiar with this one, but probs similar idea), and the Great Divide Bike Trail for a while. We even met a biker with a trail name of Main Sail. Seems like this route is a little different than ours and hedt come from a town we’d never heard of.

At one point, a beautiful majestic horse started trotting over to us. Tears may have been shed. And when there were no spots to camp at our near end-of-day potential water source, Harris Slough, we had to keep going 1.6 miles to the Sweetwater River. The mosquitos towards the end of day were brutal. We’re talking full rain suit and head net for protect. It was quite miserable for a bit there despite a beautiful river running through it all. We didn’t get into camp until 8:30pm, set up quickly, and had dinner inside the tent. Another interesting day in the basin!

Lunch shade tent shenanigans
Hiking on the Oregon Trail. Maybe the reason I always died in that game was because I just hunted and gathered for food and never moved forward. Got to keep moving!
Bike tracks on the Great Divide Bike Trail

Album of the Day

“Strange Trails” – Lord Huron

Song of the Day

“Mother We Just Can’t Get Enough”New Radicals

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