CDT Day 47 (WY – Rawlins to Lander)

Wildflowers, Watering holes, and Warts

  • CDT Miles: 1,660.2-1,680.4 (20.2)
  • Total Hiked: 803.3
  • Elevation Range: 6,990-8,000

My tent site must have been the most hidden among the bushes because I didn’t seem to have wind issues last night, whereas Cheer and Snickers once again did. I did wake up around 12:30am and heard it gusting above, but was able to get back to sleep alright.

We continued our hike going up this morning making it to 8,000 feet for my first time in Wyoming.

Looking ahead…

Looking back…

We were even getting some trees today. And saw a group of six deer, a few with some pretty tall and wide looking antlers. As we went up, we got some pretty awesome views far out.

I think this next pic is the first I took that shows the snow peaked Wind River Range up ahead in the distance. We’d be getting closer and closer the next few days.

Lots of bright flowers today…

Slow-mo bee flower vid…

Can you tell which side the cows are allowed and which not?

Speaking of cows, we found some at our next water fill-up.

And, as we were leaving two of the most majestic and beautiful horses I’ve seen came down for a drink.

From here, we went up and I was really feeling groovy. Got my Yanni going and let the tunes carry me along. This part had us traversing along some hills, but always looking out at the openness. Every now and then one of the little lizards would scatter as I came through.

When we reached that high point in the photo above, we took a break around the bend. I sat right down with my legs sticking out straight. Took this close up photo of some mossy flowers…

And then, when just chit chatting away with Cheer, I felt something crawling on my calf. Sure enough, a tick! Gross. Little red bigger. Actually looked decent sized for a tick to me. And it was in all the sage stuff. So strange. Onward, we went after the narrow escape.

We made it to a cairn marking a sort of high point for the date that Cheer classified as “the best of the basin” spot.

Lunch was had not too far after this. Afterwards, thinking we were heading down, we got a surprise when the trail started heading up towards the mega hill in the next pic.

It was a steep grade and we weren’t too excited about this sudden change in our mellow walk… The elevation profile and general appearance reminded me of a similar situation when hiking with Cheer and Calzone on the PCT in 2020. We called that infamous feature, “the wart.”

We were rewarded for our uphill with some nice views of these interesting wavy-striped rock formations ahead, just wish we could’ve gone around the hill to get there.

And then it seemed silly again when we just went right back up another wart-like structure away from them…

I think this next stretch was one I was up front. I remember there being two Pronghorn that just kept bumping up ahead of us. I’d get close and then they’d run off. As I walked, I watched them for 30-45 minutes before they finally turned away from the trail.

And then, the next big thing for the day… Sheep! And lots of them.

Next, we popped out on a dirt road for a bit, then made our way back on two track before making it to an expected water cache. Thanks to whoever these good souls are that left water here and some candy too! Sumi and Mary Lou were pretty pumped about it. We even got a tad bit of shade from a sign board!

Even the birds were happy we got water.

And this creature was excited for our presence too. Cheer thought it was a cutie. I thought it was an alien. Apparently, it’s a thirteen-lined ground squirrel…

All of us were quite beat by this point and Cheer and I sunburned. Hers was pretty bad and possibly a sun rash or sun poisoning? So, collectively we made the call to camp right there outside the fenced area. There was no wind protection, so the original idea was to cowboy camp. That changed when the mosquitos assaulted us though! It was bad. Couldn’t figure it out either since there wasn’t any water around. And I had to go visit the bushes for a bathroom break… never good when mosquitoes are around people!

We camped all close together since not a lot of space without sage. Fun to get to chat a bit while next to each other in our tents.

Album of the Day

“Live at the Acropolis” – Yanni

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