CDT Day 39 (NM – Chama)

Content in Chama

Last night I had talked to the motel owner and booked another night. A true zero was what I needed!

After sleeping in, I walked down the road to Wilder Bakeshop and Espresso. What a special place this was. It was super popular with the locals and upon opening the owner was a little overrun by the crowd. She handled it nicely though. Another hiker Katherine and I got in early and then Google showed up to.

While in line, Google fainted! The man behind him must have had some spidey reflexes because he caught him and prevented him from hitting his head on the tile floor. I was right there and while he was still unconscious, took off my fleece for the man to put under his head. Quickly though, he snapped back to it, a bit dazed, but after a while was back with us. The two of us stayed the longest just chatting about the trail, about books, and other such things. Happy Google was ok and happy I got the chance to hang with him for a while.

Still at the coffee shop, I’d been communicating with Com and Checklist, and they came by to chat with hikers for a bit. Eventually, I’d be saved a 2.5 mile walk to the laundromat by getting a ride from them. They also hooked me up by letting me buy some stove fuel from them!

Doing laundry, I learned that Com and Checklist planned to flip up and hike in Wyoming for a while to let this high elevation stuff melt out a bit. Seemed like a great plan. They brought me to the post office to get my package and then back to my hotel. So thankful for these two and hope our paths cross again somewhere on this trail!

The rest of the day consisted of getting my food resupply for the next stretch, talking with various hikers about their plans, researching info. about the next stretch and conditions, and a good amount of hanging and resting up 🙂

It was pretty hazy from fire smoke!

And i got some added gear from the home team… Microspikes, ice axe, winter gloves, and new shoes!

This next stretch is sort of the start of the San Juan Mountains of Southern Colorado, from my understanding at least. The trail goes right up above 12,000 feet and so this is where things get pretty serious as far as danger and risk in hiking through snowy mountain conditions. My plan after researching and talking with other hikers is to head out tomorrow and walk the road back up to the pass. I want to camp near the trailhead and acclimate a little, then start hiking two days from now. My strategy is to see for myself what it’s like and turn around if it’s anything I’m uncomfortable with. I have a Garmin GPS I’ll be checking in daily with fam and hope to find a group of other hikers to be around. I know a few folks starting the same day, but haven’t done any “official” grouping up at this point. I’m excited for a beautiful section, feel up for the challenge, and ready to go at it after a much needed rest! Woohoo for Colorado!

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