CDT Day 38 (NM – Ghost Ranch to Chama)

The Road to Chama

  • Stevie Evac Alt.: 20.1-47.4 (27.3)
  • Total Hiked: 692
  • Elevation Range: ?

I survived my roadside stealth camping experience and hit the road around 6:00am.

The general description of the day is a pretty road walk for the morning and a busy road construction walk during the afternoon.

I saw so many deer this morning and quite a few elk too!

Already by 7:45-ish I had made it to the flatlands. Stopped at a creek to get some water and kept on trekking.

Late morning I switched to hiking north on highway 84. There was a Chevron station where I got a cold soda and they let me fill up my water bottles. And then, I saw it.. a food truck/cart! Such a unexpected treat getting a burger and fries here at Vivi’s.

The road from here to Chama was a slog. Just had to push through it.

Pretty fun stuff. I did make a good pace. Along the way, I got that call from the motel and they had a room for me!

I made it to Chama! I arrived a little after 4pm and got right in to my room. After making a quick trip to the grocery store for dinner and beer and then hanging with a few hikers outside the motel, I hibernated inside and tried not to do or think about hiking stuff for a while. I was needing the break for sure!

Album of the Day

“Parking Lot” – The Accidentals

“Let’s Be Still” – The Head And The Heart

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