CDT Day 27 (NM – Pie Town to Grants)

Groovy Grants

  • Bonita-Zuni Alt. Miles: 15-24.8 (9.8)
  • CDT Miles: 524.7-525.2 (0.5)
  • Total Hiked: 431.2
  • Elevation Range: 6,430-7,200

My goal for today was to get into the town of Grants and make my way to the Lava Flow Hostel where I’d booked a room. The day started by a continuation of yesterday’s walk down Zuni Canyon. I had a few trucks zoom by me and cloud up the whole canyon, which wasn’t ideal, but after a few miles I made it to asphalt again.

Didn’t take many photos today. About 2 or 3 miles out of town the scenic canyon dissolved and I walked the rest of the way down a road with homes on each side and lots of dogs barking at me. I had a goal though and soon enough, I saw it in sight…

Difficult to see unless you’re trained in these ways, but those are the golden arches of McDonald’s ahead. Indeed, I know fast food isn’t great, but I’m a sucker for it. I spent a good while there by myself getting caught up on phone things and already starting on my various town tasks. Then, it was maybe a mile and half left to walk to the hostel and guess what, unexpected to me, I was walking a section of Route 66…

The hostel is typically self run, meaning the guests check in and out and clean and all that stuff by themselves. I was lucky to get a tour though by James, a volunteer. I’d later learn he’s staying for a while, resting up and healing after being hit by a car on his cross-country bike trip. Yikes. He is in rough shape, but still walking around and giving tours and such and in good spirits. I found the Lava Flow Hostel to be a perfect fit for what I was looking for.

I stayed in the “back cottage” and had the red room. Shared a bathroom, kitchen and open space with a French CDT hiking couple. Also saw Just Mary here, using the laptop!

Right away I started laundry, showered, and eventually resupplied. I used this beautiful pink bike to ride to the grocery store and back. The way there was great, but fought the wind on the return trip.

Around 5:00pm, my buddy Mike arrived. He’s a friend from college and living in Albuquerque nowadays. Texting back and forth, we’d made this plan to hang tonight since I’m not too far. It was a great time catching up. We took Charlie, another CDT hiker, and James the hostel volunteer, and went to check out the Junkyard on 66 Brewery. Pretty cool setting they created. And nope, it’s not a garage. There are tables and such spread throughout the middle of it all…

We ended the night at a pizza place in town meeting up with more hikers… Special K, End Game, T-Bone, Wardrobe, and Quentin were all there! It was good fun. Happy I got to see Wardrobe and End game too since they’re getting off trail here. Planned exits, but a little early for End Game because of an ankle issue, and either way sad to part ways with them.

All around a quality day in Grants. Got a lot done and had fun hanging with hikers and reuniting once again with an old pal!

One thought on “CDT Day 27 (NM – Pie Town to Grants)

  1. If you have a chance to grab some Zuni bread I highly recommend the freshly cooked bread in a Zuni Oven. The dome shaped mud ovens outside the homes of the Zuni are where they cook the bread. By the way if you didn’t know my Mom and Aunt Thelma worked at the Zuni Elementary School. The Zuni people were almost lost due to a disease that swept through the tribe. CRC missionaries made the trip to Gallop NM for medicine which saved the Zuni tribe. The Zuni people allow the CRC church to exist in their community now because of the life saving work of the missionaries.

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