CDT Day 8 (NM – Lordsburg to Silver City)

Beautiful Burro

CDT Miles: 108-125.9 (17.9 miles)
Total Hiked: 125.9 miles
Elevation Range: 6,100-8,020

Despite last night’s cream soda debacle, I did set myself up with at least a chance of achieving my goal for today.

In the morning I cruised about 3 miles to the water source. Here’s some of that stretch…

My 5 gallons from the day before was just about right, I had a half liter left still when I arrived. For the next stretch, I thought 3 would do it. It was another nasty cow tank source, but I’m getting used to them. I just try not to think about all the floaties and just see the water as clear water once filtered. Problem is that my Sawyer is getting clogged up and more and more difficult to push water through.

The terrain was still pretty up and down, but generally the same until breakfast. Got into some cool looking yucca/juniper areas. And a monster chollo.

And, I found Baby Yoda aka Grogu…

I stopped for breakfast just before my first real climb of the trek thus far. It’s about 1,600 feet to the high point of the trail on Burro Peak.

I surprisingly felt really good going up. Having an actual trail and a concrete task, I put on the tunes and went for it. I was a little worried about my blister (it’s really just the one now), but the going up didn’t seem to give it problems. I was pumped to get some high elevation views and to get into some ponderosa’s even!

The “top,” which although seemed to be close, wasn’t the actual top of the mountain, just the trail’s high point. Once reaching out, I stopped and had to redo my moleskin since I could feel it had slid off and was now just a flat wad under my toes. Very uncomfortable.

Once hiking again, I started downhill and it didn’t take me long to remember that this is what kills the feet, especially with it being steep.

I did see some more lizards. I’m a fan of them…

I persevered and made it to the road crossing that would take me off the CDT to the Burro Mountain Homestead. I had been scheming to get here around lunch today and was right on track. This unique little community is about a half mile to a mile off the trail and got some awesome comments on our hiker app… A little store, laundry, showers, and free camping!

I got down there at 1:30pm and found the office/store. It was pretty small, but I found a mountain dew, some Pringles (I’ve been lacking in salty snacks), and even got myself a town shirt for upcoming Trail Days.

The place even had a little activity center where they let hikers hang out. Since I was the only one in it seemed, I just sat in a chair with a table and had my lunch.

Eventually, I even took a shower even! Why not?

Another hiker, Special K, stopped in and planned to stay the night. I had a great relaxing couple hours and after filling up 5 gallons of water, decided to keep trekking at 3:12pm. I didn’t take many pics, but some of these homes were so cool. They started with an RV and build out, some with elaborate decks and roofs and such. This photo shows one. If you look close, you can see some deer. They were just hanging out, some were even laying underneath the rv’s in the shade.

Leaving Burro Mountain Homestead, it was the first time since getting blisters that I went without Moleskin. My feet felt really good actually! Hiking was slow going though, not a lot of energy left in the tank after the big morning. I only went a few more miles and called it.

At camp, I had some rice. It was nice. The rocks today looked like gneiss. I think I tripped only just twice. Burro Mountain was such a paradise, and all for a bargain price.

3 thoughts on “CDT Day 8 (NM – Lordsburg to Silver City)

  1. Ruth Prins

    I am really struck by how much alone-time you are having. I have heard/read about those who go on 10 day solo retreats, mostly for the purpose of meditating, and I cannot imagine that much time….hours and hours and hours of being alone. But you go beyond 10 days. Your life right now seems to be a combination of solitude, walking meditation, the open outdoors, and little bits of human (and animal) connection here and there. I am so happy that you have music to accompany you. I stand in awe!


    1. This hike has been like that more than the PCT. And I’ll be honest it’s something I’ve been dealing with a bit. I think there are things I can do to make it a more social trip (speed up or slow down to stay around others), and will be taking that into account going ahead


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