CDT Day 6 (NM – Lordsburg to Silver City)

Bye Bye to the Burg

CDT Miles: 83.6-90.7 (7.1 miles)
Total Hiked: 90.7 miles
Elevation Range: 4,200-4,440

It’s time to move on, time to get going.
What lies ahead, I have no way of knowing.
But under my feet, baby, grass is growing.
It’s time to move on, it’s time to get going” – Tom Petty

Happy Easter from Lordsburg!

Well maybe Tommy P wasn’t singing about New Mexico, not a lot of grass growing here. But… today was about resting up and getting things in order to move onward to the next stretch of trail!

From when I woke up til I left town was spent doing the following things: eating, uploading blog posts, chatting with other hikers (Lordsburg is a hub since so it has folks just starting and also folks coming through the second time, like me), cleaning gear and packing it up again, looking ahead and making schemes for the next town, and eating some more.

The next resupply town that I’ll reach is Silver City. And, it’s pretty cool because the CDTC is putting on “Trail Days,” a celebration of the trail, right when I’ll be rolling through. It’s become a common question on trail… you planning to make Trail Days? And pretty much all the hikers I’ve talked to ate hoping to. Should be super fun, but first, got to get there!

The idea a lot of us were going for was to wait out the heat of the day before starting to hike. I was getting antsy in the afternoon though, so after a quick trip to McDonald’s (risky choice, right!), I took off at the classic 3:12pm start, smack dab in the hottest part of the day I imagine.

Just insert Lordsburg, instead of California here…

“California’s been good to me, hope it don’t fall in to the sea, some times you’ve got to trust yourself, it ain’t like anywhere else… It’s time to roll, I’m all done.. it’s time we better hit the road.” – Tom Petty

And now I got you thinking, but Lordsburg isn’t anywhere the sea. But let me answer your rebuddle with another rebuddle… But California isn’t at any threat of falling into the sea… or, is it?

It was about an hour of road walking before cutting off. The trail went under these railroad tracks, the same ones that brought me from Tucson earlier in the week.

I actually heard hikers talking about road walking the whole way to Silver City… I can’t imagine!

Once heading out of town, I could see three others up ahead.

I eventually caught up just as the trail goes off the road. It was Mr. Fabulous, author of The Unlikely Hiker, and his crew. I haven’t gotten the others’ trail names yet, but we met in town when I realized we both have the same gaiters. We agreed that it was ok for us both to rock them, although I have to admit, I think he wears then better. I’m excited because he’s giving a talk at Trail Days and if all goes well I’ll be able to listen in!

For a while I hiked through a wide-open field just following Guthooks since there wasn’t a trail and there were no signs. After stopping a bit to put some moleskin on my blisters, I finally found a sign and from then on it was a pretty decent trail.

Stopped at 6:30pm and set up. I felt a little off this evening. Nothing major, I think tiredness is the main culprit. It was a lovely sunset and even had some birds singing me songs during dinner.

Also, thought this was kind of funny. I guess this is where all the tumbleweeds end up, in this gully.

My dinner though…

Looks pretty good, right. A nice chicken noodle soup… Problem was I didn’t realize it was the family size with 8 servings!

I was supposed to add a ton of water to properly make it, but I made do (or so I thought) with what my little cook pot could handle. Calorie-wise I could have done it, but the saltiness was just too much (never thought you’d hear a Hoekwater say that, but that’s what I’m saying.). All that 8-servings was condensed, only partially diluted, and I just couldn’t finish it. Now it’ll just be extra weight. That’s a rare thing in all my time backpacking, to not finish a dinner. Maybe it’ll act as electrolytes and help me out tomorrow.

Quote of the Day

“I keep finding more food! How did this happen? Dang it!” – Stevie Wonder

Song of the Day

“Fix You” – Coldplay cover by Yellowcard

2 thoughts on “CDT Day 6 (NM – Lordsburg to Silver City)

  1. Sherry Hoekwater

    The soup looks good to me. Too bad some family wasn’t there to share the family size servings. 😉
    Love the birdsong dinner music!


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