CDT Day 5 (NM – Crazy Cook to Lordsburg)

The Flaw in the Plan

  • CDT Miles: 65.0-83.6 (18.6 miles)
  • Total Hiked: 83.6 miles
  • Elevation Range: 4,300-4,850

“Some say our destiny is tied to the land, as much a part of us as we are of it. Others say fate is woven together like a cloth, so that one’s destiny intertwines with many others. It’s the one thing we search for, or fight to change. Some never find it, but there are some who are led.” – Merida in Brave

Good morning from the trail.

Unlike every other morning thus far on trail, the sun did not pop up clearly right away. Instead, it hid behind clouds for a while, which made for a pleasantly cooler hike out. Still getting closer to that pointy mountain.

As has become my trend, I had to get to the next water source pretty quickly in the morning. Not a bad thing, it’s just scarce out here making for long carries. I had about 4 miles to go.

On the way, I started seeing a few south bounders. I talked to Dark Web and he explained that a few of them had a late train that made them miss their shuttle ride. So, they were hiking sobo and will get a shuttle back to Lordsburg. I met Snoop, another sobo’er, at this fence where we chatted briefly as we both crawled under to our respective sides.

Arriving at the water tank (another one for cows), I was the only one there. I wasn’t seeing where folks fill up from at first. There was another algae-fill trough of sorts, but was hoping to avoid that if possible. Reading the comments in my app, I found folks actually climb the latter up the top and open a lid from up there. Didn’t feel great about the idea, but went for it.

T-Bone made it after a bit and he too went up the ladder. I decided to have my second breakfast right there and while filtering water, T-Bone offered to split a hotel room he’d booked in Lordsburg with me. His plan was to hike into town tonight. I told him I’d think about it. My plan was to sleep on trail tonight, roll into town tomorrow morning, do all my town things and hike out the same day allowing me to not have to pay for a hotel stay.

Mr. T-Bone took off leaving me to my breakfast. Disaster struck again. Not my oatmeal this time, or leaking water out of my hydration bladder, this time it originated from me picking my nose. No shame here, just frustration with my self. I got a nose bleed, which I don’t ever get, and the blood just started pouring. Eventually, I got some gauze out of my first aid and stopped it. Don’t look if blood grosses you out…

Well, it didn’t take much for me to get sucked into the town idea. After the nose struggle, I texted T-Bone saying I was in… getting cleaned up, organized, a bed, and potentially getting a hot meal and maybe a beer with these new comrades sounded great to me.

Some might recognize the title of this post, it’s the title of the last chapter in Harry Potter (if you don’t count the epilogue, which I don’t). It doesn’t apply here really that well, but I’ve always liked it. I suppose the flaw in my plan was that I really needed the rejuvenation of town!

Once going again…

I had the tunes helping me along today as I finally got to the pointy mountain! I’d learn it’s called Pyramid Peak.

Well, Peace Out Pyramid Peak, it’s been real.

Not long after this, I thought to myself, Stevie, this walking thing is hard work. And at that same time, I came across this ride. Canada, here I come 😊

Truthfully, I was making really good time. And I made it to the last water cache a little before 1pm.

After taking lunch and literally hiding in the tiny shadow of the brown water box, I continued to the next set of “islands in the sky.” I had some rolling hills before heading down into Lordsburg.

Saw this cool looking liz…

And soon, could see town off in the distance!

I chuckled at this last designed trail leading up to the road into town, seemed symbolic of this segment of trail, choose your own trail 😎

It was just under a mile of road walking into town to the Motel 6.

I made it a little after 4:30pm and went right into town things. Got clothes in the laundry, showered and ended up at Kranberrys Chatterbox restaurant. It was a fun time reuniting with other hikers… Soccer Mom, Fifth Coarse, Gump and Libby, Mishap, T-Bone, and Tinman. Also met, Four Five who ate with us. My combination platter was perfection.

So happy to have decided to get a hotel tonight, enjoy these town comforts, and tell stories with my fellow hikers.

“I breathed deeply and let out a shuddering breath. What I was doing was solitary, more so than my previous thru-hikes. But, despite my solitude in the effort, I felt more connected to others on and off the trail than I had in a very long time, tapped into the greater ties that bind us all in an ever-widening circle of love. Life felt real again” – Heather “Anish” Anderson in Thirst


My one blister doubled in size, so happy to have a clean space to operate on that. Another reason to be happy about town, although maybe caused from me busting the miles to get into town. 🤷

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