Heading West: Pit Stop

Glenwood Springs and Sunlight

I ended up staying almost three full days in Colorado! It’s an area that is just too great to pass through quickly and on top of that, I had top notch hosts that were such joyous company to be with… it was extremely difficult to leave.

That first day I truly enjoyed resting up and taking a bit of time to hang. It had only been a few days of traveling, but it seemed like I’d been going nonstop, and so a bit of a pause was in order. Sort of… I also had to keep up with grad school tasks, so that was going on as well. Having snowy mountains outside was wonderful, but also enticing. I exercised patience knowing that the time would come to get outside and explore them.

A good friend of mine and his fam just so happen to live just up the valley in Basalt, so that evening we all got together for some socially distanced pizza and beers. Lovely fellowship was had by all!

The next day, cousin Scott and I got up early to go shred some gnar fresh pow. He took me to his secret local spot known as “Willy’s,” a backcountry mountain where he likes to use his splitboard skins to ski up and snowboard down. I’m not as skilled as my cousin in this department and don’t have any equipment even if I could meander my way through all the trees, so, I stuck to snowshoes! It was a ton of fun actuall and I enjoyed trying to be a photographer as well…

Some seriously crunchy boarding, cutting some sick lines through the deep pow…

So that was pretty fantastic I thought. Only problem is, I may have overexerted myself in the high altitudes and maybe hadn’t been drinking enough water. Later in the afternoon, Ronnie and I set out on a scenic drive up to Ruedi Reservoir. The canyon holds the beautiful Fryingpan River and is super pretty. It would’ve been quite nice other than I got sicker and sicker as I went. Once at the frozen reservoir, I didn’t even do any exploring like I’d planned, just took some photos and turned around. It was rather neat though…

Once back to the house, I resigned myself to the guest bedroom for the rest of the night, hoping I’d be ready to go again the next day. Thankfully, I was able to sleep good and the following morning felt good enough for the day of skiing we had planned. Ever since I first thought of road tripping to Utah, I had hoped I’d get to do some skiing out here along the way! So… after stopping in town to get my rentals, we headed up to Sunlight Mountain!

Such an amazing experience! I couldn’t quite hang with the Glenwood and Carbondale folk, they like to hang in the trees, but that didn’t bother me one bit. I dabbled in the forest a few times, yet had to be honest and admit that I’m a flatlander and felt much more comfort and joy out on the groomers. I think my favorite run was our last, cruising fast on the “Green” that went through a series of gentle slopes up and down, running wide around the whole mountain.

Colorado will always be a special place to me. It was great seeing the Glenwood team and I was tempted to push back my leaving still another day, but in the end, I stayed true to my plans to leave shortly after our skiing expedition. After some goodbyes, I was back with Ronnie Lynn on the road headed onward to Utah!

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