Van Build Day 1 (Seat Removal)

The same day that I purchased and actually drove Veronica away as her new sidekick, I began my efforts of modifying the cargo area. After work that day, I got going on the first step, removing the existing seats in the back.

Here’s the interior before any work has been done…

Getting started…

Thankfully, reinforcements arrived in the form of Dave H Master Trailsman. With his help things started going much more smoothly and after a little while we succeeded in getting the seats out. We didn’t get too involved with much else today other than scoping out possibilities off taking of paneling. After dismantling a few panels, we found a lot of messiness covered behind, and so made the first big decision to go ahead and leave it all.

A lot of the van builds I’d been seeing go right to the bare metal structure and then cover it with insulation before starting anything else. We found a bit of insulation existing within the walls and floor already, so I’m not too worried about it really.

The next step will be the floor installation, but I’ll be doing some thinking about the overall layout too and my schemes for how to customize it to my needs.

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