PCT 2020 Day 30

Are you for Snorkel?

The morning glow on the opposite shore of Susie Lake was quite pretty as I filled up my water for filtering…

Pretty soon we were packed up and began our climb. Up to the top of Dicks Pass was our morning destination.

We kept moving further away and further up from our camp.

There were also some delightful flowers. I tried to be a photographer and frame the scene with them 😉

And then we popped up to the pass where things really opened up and had a view down the other side to Dicks Lake and what I think is Fontanillis Lake further ahead (and that might be Upper Velma Lake even further).

Here’s looking back with views of Half Moon Lake (closest… which we never went by, but is pretty neat), Susie Lake (off towards the left side… where we camped the night before), and Lake Aloha (way in the back tucked behind the mountains). Now that’s a view. We were loving it!

Once down at Dicks Lake, we stopped for a much needed restful break…

Then, it was on to Fontanillis Lake. Love this one. The trail cuts right down next to the shore.

And then, next up on our tour of the lakes, was a stop at Middle Velma. I’m pretty sure we continued onto the wrong trail in between these lakes for a while, and rather than retrace steps, I have a recollection of cutting cross country at one point. Never a good idea. But, we got there in the end, and had a nice lunch break. It was the same peninsula-spot Cheer and I had stopped at in 2019, perfect for a swim and a snorkel attempt.

Cheer and Calzone even swam across to this lovely island…

Such a great spot and good memories made, we thought it deserved a team picture.

We stayed a good while hanging at the lake, but pretty sure we crushed some miles afterwards making it all the way to camp at Richardson Lake. Along the way I remember meeting and hiking a ways with a woman hiking the Tahoe Rim Trail. Once at the lake, there were actually quite a few Tahoe Rim Trail hikers (the two trails align for a long stretch), but for the most part I think our little group cooked and ate dinner together and called it a night. We were pretty dang tired, but just another phenomenal day on trail.

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