PCT 2020 Day 29

The Echo Lake Resupply and Beyond

I think when I took this picture, I thought the lake in the distance was the southernmost section of Lake Tahoe. Pretty sure that was wrong and that it’s the southernmost section of Echo Lake actually, which we’d be hiking around later in the day.

The morning hike consisted of some downhill to reach the busy Hwy 50, which has access to South Lake Tahoe, and then after crossing, climbing up to reach the shore of Echo Lake around 7,500 feet elevation. Now when doing our scheming and such, we made it a point to try and avoid as many town stops due to Covid. So rather than go into South Lake Tahoe, we decided to resupply at the small Echo Lake Chalet store and just keep trekking.

Small and quaint is a good description for the store in my opinion. I liked the place and for me it had just enough food for my resupply. Cheer on the other hand had more difficulties piecing together a few days or meals and snacks since she needed to go gluten-free. Getting creative, I believe she concocted dinners centered around a sort of avocado-bowl with lots and lots of chips. All of us opted to load up on Kettle brand potato chips and believe each of us got some ice cream to snack on while packing it all up.

By noon, we were hiking again. The trail winds its way around the eastern shore of the lake and is super popular for day hiking and for single night (and few night) backpacking trips. It was pretty wild to us how many people we were all of a sudden around…

See you Echo Lake!

It takes a bit to get up to the next lake, but it’s worth it. Lake Aloha is something special! We decided to stop for a while, soak it in a bit, and soak ourselves in it too. So many cool rock formations to jump off and swim to…

After spending a few hours along the shore, here’s parting ways with Lake Aloha. We had to take one last glance to try and remember it by…

Next up was Heather Lake…

And then, Susie Lake, which we wound around to the northeast shore where we found a spot to set up our tents…

And here’s camp…

I cowboy camped in my little spot and Cheer and Calzone set up there tents nearby. I always remember that the Perseid Meteor Shower peaks around August 12, and so my plan was to do some star gazing this night. First up was dinner though…

I took this picture with my bag hanging. I’m guessing I was mainly concerned about mice and such getting my things that didn’t fit into my bear can, because unless it’s an optical illusion, it oddly seems to be hanging right at bear height.

The three of us stayed up together past hiker midnight to watch the stars. We were not let down. I remember thinking some of the shooting stars were the best I’d ever seen, going across the full sky, in a slow enough path that my eyes could follow the entire way. The day’s hike, the setting around Susie Lake, the three of us being together nearing the end of our journey joking around all the time, laying on our backs looking up watching the stars… an experience I won’t forget.

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