PCT 2020 Day 26

Wide Open Spaces and Glamour Shots by Deb

Yesterday, we had started a climb up to a pass, and this morning we finished it. Pretty spectacular going through this gate at the top!

The wide-open spaces continued as we wound our way down and up and down and up again.

Pretty awesome stuff…

Makes me so happy, sometimes I just want to give it all a big hug…

For lunch, we took a short side trail to this beauty of a lake. I don’t think we actually made it down to the bottom, but instead sat up above on the nice rounded rock formations…

And felt inspired to do some glamour shots by Deb? Not sure whats going on here.

Just truly beautiful trail… I always love when things open up like this

I thought the pointy, jagged, crags above were neat too…

Cool rocks, cool trees… this was such an amazing day of hiking!

We did get some dark skies threatening to turn into storms…

But they never really developed…

My tent spot was a bit slanted…

But the sunset was top-notch!


On top of that, if you loyal followers have been curious what Mr. Snickers’ status is… I heard from the super hiker this night that he made it to the PCT and has started his trek cruising south from Chester, CA! He texted me, “Loving this section, the air, the water, the birds, the everything…”

And… he came across this guy backpacking with his cat 🙂

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