PCT 2020 Day 25

Bright Sunshiny Day

We took our time getting going this morning so as to let everything dry a bit. It actually went pretty quickly with us moving things into the direct sunshine…

Once going, saw some nice views and nice trees.

I spy a Cheer…

A Cheer and a Calzone, hiking through the forest.

After lunch, I opted to climb/scramble up a volcanic “mountain” that the trail wrapped around. The top did prove to offer some lovely views, but it was tough getting up, steep and lots of loose material. Maybe wasn’t the best idea, but here’s a quick 360 view vid. at the top…

Later on, we got into some cow country…

Or is it hiker country? Sometimes it’s both I suppose…

Tent set up by 6:30pm, boom!

We had a super nice camp this night in a forest of tall tall trees adjacent to a little spring fed pond!

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